Congratulations bmvmt Challenge Winners

The bmvmt movement is going strong!  It is with excitement and appreciation that we report that the initial 7-Day Challenges have had great participation and have been a huge success. We also want to recognize the top three winners from the first three challenges that have been completed thus far.

  • Challenge #1: Maria Argueta, Diana Anaid Pedroza, and Amy Fer
  • Challenge #2: Amanda Martinez, Lisa Paolucci Donnelly, and Nadia Osterholm
  • Challenge #3: Erick Kire, Berta Velazquez, and Diana Garcia

The mission of the bmvmt system is to help you design your life rather than just live it by default. Transforming your life involves going beyond the way you live day to day. It also entails creating intention and aligning your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. bmvmt can be a powerful tool for you on your journey to creating the life you want and achieving your goals. So, we created the bmvmt 7-Day Challenge to help you kickstart a more healthy, balanced life and to quickly experience success. 

Create a life you love!  Join the next bmvmt 7 Day Challenge!  (See the bmvmt Facebook group or bmvmt Latino Facebook Group for details). 

Tickets on Sale for Global Virtual Convention

Get your ticket for the upcoming Global Virtual Convention! Tickets are available in your Back Office. The event will be held over Zoom on November 11th-13th. 

There is lots in store for you at this epic three-day event designed to enrich both your professional and personal development. It will be packed with energizing presentations and in-depth trainings.

You’ll learn from top performers, industry experts, corporate team members, and special guest speakers. Gain valuable insights and skills, be inspired by success stories and fresh ideas, and discover powerful tools and techniques to take your business and life to the next level. Plus, be the first to hear about upcoming launches and exciting new updates.

This epic worldwide event is open to everyone!  Get your ticket today!

A Special Call to Action for All Leaders

As all of us work hard to provide a great platform and opportunity for our Brand Partners and their teams to create profitable, productive businesses, we want to ensure that every B-Epic member feels supported and has the guidance they need to be successful.

Many people are facing incredible challenges in the world today, and we as a company want to be a force for good. We all need to feel part of a community and we all need to know we matter. This is important always but now more than ever.

Therefore, we ask that all our Gold, Platinum, and Diamond leaders reach out to their team members and personal sign-ups to see how they are doing and to find out how you can best support them in accomplishing their goals. (We want to thank our amazing leaders for all they do. You truly are the cornerstone of this business and a big part of why B-Epic is so great!)

In addition, would you please make sure everyone on your team knows about the FAQs and other resources available to them in their Back Office. Also, make sure they know how to contact Member Support in case they need additional assistance. (FYI, some of the most common support questions we get from members in the field pertain to how to manage their back office, place orders, turn on autoship, etc., so we want to make sure everyone knows where they can find answers to their questions.)

Also, we encourage all members to connect with their Sponsor and Upline leaders. They can offer wonderful guidance and encouragement for working and growing your business. As a company, we are fortunate to have the BEST leaders in the industry. They are highly skilled, incredibly caring, and have a wealth of knowledge to share AND they want to help you succeed! 

Best wishes to all of you!  We look forward to a strong finish for the year 2021 for everyone as we all help each other.

Smashing Sales in September

Way to go! We would like to recognize Kelli Miller and the Bermuda team Sue Corriea, Heather Lamb, Taina Durham, and Santin & Shannon Simons for smashing $23,000 in sales for September. These hard-working, inspirational Brand Partners commit to their businesses everyday with passion and professionalism. In addition, they constantly look for opportunities to lift and serve others through B-Epic’s fantastic opportunity and remarkable products. 

Join The Next 7-Day Challenge…Starting Soon!

Join the bmvmt Challenge today! Our next 7-Day Challenge starts September 27th. The bmvmt system is a great kickstart to a rewarding wellness journey. It is a quick, easy, convenient, and fun way to experience real results in just seven days.

To get started, purchase a bmvmt pack from and follow the “7-Day Challenge Sheet” (download from the “bmvmt” or “bmvmt Latino” Facebook Group).  Then, at the end of the challenge, post your “after” photo and testimony.  (See Facebook Group for details.) 

The top 3 posts with the most likes and most powerful testimony and transformation will receive a prize. Prizes include  $100 in cash, free products and gear, and a one-on-one virtual training session with a fitness coach and nutritionist Mario Lopez.

What are you waiting for? Take the bmvmt 7-Day Challenge to create a life you love! 

September 2021 Marketing Moment

This month’s Marketing Moment comes from Joanna Bacon – B-Epic Brand Partner, seasoned networker, author, and team leader in the United Kingdom:

One of my biggest ethos when building my business is never to look at finding new customers, as making more money. And to never look at finding new team members, as creating more for yourself. I look outwardly and think ‘Who needs my help?’ When you serve from a place of wanting to help others, that is the energy in which they receive your message.

Always look at recommending our products as helping somebody with their health, sleep, mental well-being, or weight management. And equally, always look at recommending the business as how you can help somebody else to earn an extra income to support themselves and their family.

If you lead with your heart, your pockets will take care of themselves.