Verify that Your Information is Correct

Verify that Your Information is Correct

To ensure you receive your order and communications about your account, please take a moment to check that all the information in your B-Epic account is correct and complete. Also, encourage your customers and team members to do the same.

Check your email address, phone number, billing address, and shipping address. Typos, extra characters, and missing details can cause issues and prevent you from receiving your order in a timely manner. 

Real quick, make sure the information in your account is correct.

Join our new VIP program RISE ‘N BUILD

Join our new VIP program RISE ‘N BUILD

Rise ‘N Build was created to help you achieve your goals. This program will qualify you for 6 months while you work on being the best version of yourself health-wise and financially.

How it Works: Purchase any one of the Rise ‘N Build packs and get access to all the following benefits. All the products will be shipped together at the time of purchase. The volume will be allocated equally over 6 months.

  • 6-Month Pack of Your Favorite Products
  • Active and Lifestyle Qualified for 6 months
  • Exclusive Training with B-Epic Medical Board Members
  • Exclusive Trainings with B-Epic Corporate Team Members
  • Exclusive VIP Online Events with Special Guests

Get ready to Rise ‘N Build your dreams! Join our VIP program today!

Last Chance to Qualify for Punta Cana Retreat

Last Chance to Qualify for Our Upcoming Retreat

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to be part of the B-Epic Punta Cana Retreat on March 9th-12th.

Tuesday, January 31st (by 10 pm MST) is the last day to earn points for our upcoming retreat at the all-inclusive Rock Cafe Punta Cana resort in the Dominican Republic. The 50 people with the most points based on new orders qualify. (Refer to full details emailed out in November.)

Let’s celebrate your success at this spectacular tropical paradise!

Message of Gratitude from a B-Epic Leader in Ukraine

Message of Gratitude from a B-Epic Leader in Ukraine

“Happy New Year to all amazing B-Epic brand partners family around the world and its corporate management!

B-Epic has impressed me from the first day of trying its products and its effectiveness. Cellular nutrition is not only the latest wellness trend, it is natural, easy to use, and most importantly very effective in its versatility. B-Epic has the best products ever, taking into account the latest achievements in science, and spectacular scientists. This pleases and inspires us of being in the right place and the right time in B-Epic. The compensation plan is phenomenal, allowing anyone even without experience to start earning instantly.

We are now in the 11th month of war in Ukraine. But we continue to work, despite all the difficulties and technical issues. Everyone in Ukraine needs our product now more than ever and we are happy to be able to help people change their lives. My team and I thank everyone for the product, its delivery and the solution of all technical issues related to the delivery of products at all stages. I really felt the support of the company’s leaders in this difficult time for us. Thank you for your understanding, prayer and assistance in resolving emerging issues.

B-Epic is an amazing cool company with like-minded brand partners around the world, and we are blessed to be a part of it and its mission. I wish all of you, amazing growth, prosperity and the realization of all your dreams to come true in the New Year 2023!!!”

With love and gratitude, Larisa Zhukovskaya (Ukraine), Diamond Brand Partner

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

All of us at the Corporate Office want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season wherever you are in the world. You all are in our hearts, and we hope you are surrounded by love and filled with hope. We are blessed to have a global community that is unified in bringing the gifts of good health & well-being and greater financial independence to everyone. Thank you for being part of the B-Epic Worldwide family!

This time of year is often one of reflection. As the holidays are in full swing and the end of the year is approaching, it is a great time to reflect on what you did (and did not) accomplish this past year and why. It is always nice to take count of all our blessings, but don’t forget your “failures” as well. We can learn so much from our successes AND from our mistakes. If you truly want to be your best self ever, it is more helpful (and more true) to reframe failure as evidence of something that just didn’t work out and an opportunity to try again with greater insight. What’s most important is how we react and what we do next.

So, we hope as you celebrate the holidays, you also celebrate all you have learned and how much you have grown over the past year. And as the New Year comes, we hope you feel renewed and are resilient in continually setting and striving for your goals.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! We are looking forward to an EPIC 2023 with all of you!


Words of Inspiration from Leaders Wendy & Jenna

Words of Inspiration from Leaders in the Field

“If you don’t have a good vehicle, you won’t get very far and you can’t help anyone else either. B-Epic not only is a phenomenal vehicle for your health journey, but it also provides the financial tools to create any kind of income you desire. All the things you desire to achieve are possible here at B-Epic because of the incredible product line and the business model. It’s so easy to win here and to help others do the same. We are so grateful for all that B-Epic offers to us and the field. And we are excited to see all that’s possible in the future for all of us. As Booker T. Washington said, “There are two things a person can do with his power, one is to lift up, the other is to push down.” Let us all this season and every season use our power to lift others up and help them on their journey.” ~ Jenny and Wendy, Diamond Brand Partners