So Much to be Thankful For

So Much to be Thankful For

Here is a new thought! Have you ever thought, “Gee, I wish I had more to be thankful for?” That is a crazy thought that had never crossed my mind. I am blessed with so much that I would really be remiss to entertain that notion, yet, for the first time ever, that thought actually popped into my head! Instantly, I asked myself, well, how would you do that? How could I get even more to be thankful for? I know a way to do that. 

Commit to work your B-Epic business every day. Then do it. Little daily efforts can be life-changing, but it takes commitment and doing it every day. I know what money can buy is certainly not everything, but be honest with yourself; having money makes everything easier. Here are three examples of what I mean: 

1. **Better Housing** means more space, less stress, fewer repairs, more room for family and friends, safety, and better neighborhoods to raise your family in. 

2. **Better Vehicle or an Extra One** again means fewer repairs, usually better gas mileage, safety, a sense of pride, more enjoyment while traveling, trusting you can always get where you need to go, and that extra car means other family members can get where they need to easier. 

3. **Personal Care** including better clothing, better healthcare, the ability to accomplish personal goals, and create personal relationships. 

I could go on with more ideas just under these headings. All of these areas are improved when we are financially stable. Each of us has the ability and opportunity through B-Epic Worldwide to create a better life and more to be thankful for! Set your goals and just do it!  

We appreciate all of you. You are part of what we are thankful for this season. We wish you a blessed Thanksgiving!

~ Lynn Putnam, Owner 

Inspirational Message from Leaders Travis & Rosalind Hall

Inspirational Message from Leaders in the Field

“Becoming part of the B-Epic family has been a transformative experience for us. The opportunity to work side by side as a couple has been an unexpected and rewarding journey. This partnership has revealed new facets of our abilities and aspirations that we hadn’t recognized or had the confidence to pursue before.

We chose to embrace new perspectives, consider what seemed out of reach, and nurture a belief in the extraordinary. This shift in mindset is the fundamental reason we have both been able to step away from our traditional 9-to-5 jobs. It has broadened our horizons, allowing us to dream bigger and aspire for more—not only for ourselves but for others as well.”

-Travis & Rosalind Hall, Blue Diamond Brand Partners

Supercharge Your Immune Response

Supercharge Your Immune Response 

ImmunoCode® is formulated to create a stronger foundation in immune health. Each serving provides a potent dose of highly bioavailable, natural, active ingredients that work synergistically to strengthen the immune system. ImmunoCode® naturally educates your immune system so it will be equipped to effectively recognize and respond to a myriad of health threats, such as invading infections and viruses. 

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Celebrating a Successful Florida Team Event

Celebrating a Successful Florida Team Event

We are excited to spotlight another recent event hosted by B-Epic members. This one was put on by some of our great leaders in Florida who know how to create excitement and have the desire to do more to be more. 

This event was a true testament to the dedication and passion of our local leaders. Their ability to inspire, motivate, and cultivate a sense of community is unmatched. Through such events, B-Epic Worldwide continues to grow, fostering a culture of lifting each up and doing great things! We are endlessly grateful for their commitment and look forward to many more successful events in the future.

Hats off to all of you for your wonderful efforts to make this incredible event happen and for helping create an EPIC culture worldwide.

B-Epic Worldwide is a Solution-Oriented, Get-It-Done Company

B-Epic Worldwide is a Solution-Oriented, Get-It-Done Company

B-Epic Worldwide is growing globally!  And, as exciting as that is, there can be challenges as we continue to move into the future. So, we want to make sure you are aware of some important information and exciting news for our members around the world.

First, we want to express our thanks to the many members in Russian-speaking countries that accepted the 3-Day Experience packs as a replacement for a regular box ELEV8.  We felt that replacement was better than no ELEV8 when so many of you do not want to be without it even for a day!

Also, please be aware that some new rules and laws have been instituted for shipping into Europe and South Africa. We are working hard and fast to address all the new rules and expectations we must now meet. Please be patient with any issues that could result in the interim. We are fortunate to have the capability and the help needed to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. 

Lastly, please join us in welcoming Ron Williams and John Godzich! Our company is very lucky to have these two gifted, experienced people to help with training, especially for improving retention so everyone has the opportunity to earn more money. They are a great asset for all of us, so we hope you take advantage of the training calls with them for your area and give their ideas some thought. 

Please share this important and exciting information with your team and customers.

Cancun Event Highlights

Cancun Event Highlights

B-Epic Worldwide recently had an amazing event in Cancun for top distributors of a recent company-wide contest. The ocean was a captivating turquoise blue. The hotel was outstanding, featuring fantastic restaurants with a delightful aroma. The service was impeccable; every attendant made us feel royal. The event was fun and festive with a “Barbie” theme and a vibrant palette of pink, lavender, and turquoise. (Even the sunglasses were pink!)

Every moment was a chance to mingle with new faces, engage in enlightening training sessions, enjoy top-tier food and entertainment, and be immersed in the excitement and inspiration of the event. One of the most cherished moments was the Saturday night party. Everyone dressed in pink and white, gathered around the picturesque pool, with the sandy beach and ocean serving as the perfect backdrop.

Amidst the festivities, you could sense the genuine affection and acceptance shared by everyone there. Although hailing from diverse countries and backgrounds, that night united us. For that splendid evening, we were just a B-EPIC family, collectively reveling in the joy of each other’s company.

We wish more of you could have been with us! And we hope that you can join us at our next event in Morocco!