Have you seen the newest Member Resources?

Have you seen the newest Member Resources?

We recently launched some new resources for our members in response to requests from the field, which we hope will be of value to everyone.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, here’s a quick overview. 

New corporate Instagram page (www.instagram.com/b_epicofficial) for posting promos, news, and updates and promoting events, contests, and products. We invite you to follow this new page – and invite your team and customers to follow it as well – to stay in the loop!

New shipping update page (linked to in the Back Office Resources menu) where we will post timely notices related to shipping delays, back orders, and other issues impacting the delivery of orders around the world. Be sure to check back regularly for updates! 

Lurra product sheets are posted online (accessed via the bepic.com menu under Products) as a reference to learn more about those amazing products. These marketing materials are available to be shared with others who might be interested in and could benefit from the products.

What sets B-Epic Worldwide apart in this industry?

For this month’s marketing moment, we asked Black Diamond Kevin O’Connor what he loves in particular about B-Epic and why he feels it is the best company to be a part of in the industry.

Here’s what he shared: “B-Epic has the fundamentals; products that people want, a customer-centered approach that helps us create a growing customer base, and an awesome comp plan that rewards members at all levels. That is critical. Fast money at the beginning, steady money as you grow, and life-changing money to reward you for developing leaders on your team. I love the name of the company. I believe that every person has a desire to Be Epic. They need you to show them how.”

We love what Kevin said!  In creating and growing the B-Epic company and business opportunity worldwide, we always have the success and interest of our Brand Partners in mind. From the products we launch to the rewards we offer, we do it all to support and lift up our members. This has been and will always be a family business at its heart, and we think of all of you as part of our family.

Thank you for being a part of the B-Epic Worldwide family!

Celebrating Success in Costa Rica

Early this month, B-Epic Worldwide held an awesome event in Costa Rica!  As part of the excitement, we celebrated all the continuing success the members in that area are having.

  • 2nd time in a row to hit 1st Place in Sales in Latin America! B-Keto #1 product in the market!
  • Congrats to the team of Karen Garro, Daniel Castro, and Geovani Coto – our first Double Blue Diamonds in Latin America!
  • Top growth country! More than 10 brand partners qualified to attend the Cancun retreat!

Please join us in recognizing our amazing Costa Rica Brand Partners! 

People are losing weight with B-Epic’s unique challenge

We are just over halfway in our 90-day Get Paid to Lose Weight challenge. So many participants are losing pounds and inches and are loving their results! The support in the private Facebook group has been phenomenal.

Uplines, make sure you are recognizing and congratulating your downline members who are participating in this challenge. They are doing great! We are excited for Day 90 to see who will earn up to $500 for their own personal weight loss.  It is thrilling to see so many lives being changed.

Do you want to earn up to $500 for losing weight? Our next 90-day challenge will be January 1, 2023 – right in time for New Year’s resolutions. This program is very unique in that B-Epic pays for personal weight loss. B-Epic doesn’t just pay the individual who loses the most weight, everyone can earn money!

Congratulations again to all our participants! Keep up your hard work!

Spotlighting Kevin O’Connor

We are so fortunate to have the most amazing leaders in B-Epic Worldwide! We asked Black Diamond Kevin O’Connor to share insights about his experience in this industry.

I was first introduced to Network Marketing in 1987. The concept made sense to me, BUT, what really got my interest; I was meeting people who were making more in a month than I would make in a year or three. These included teachers, truck drivers, stay-at-home moms, and high school dropouts. I didn’t think I was any better than them, but I did think that I was at least as good. I realized that if I just studied what they did, I had a chance of earning what they earned. I wish I had followed that path. Instead, as a creative type, I thought I could do it bigger, better, faster. But I had not mastered the fundamentals. I made a living, just barely.

I left the industry some years later to partner in a growing business. What I had learned in MLM helped me immensely. We had grown a small manufacturing business into twenty million per year in sales. But there were matters out of my control that eventually crashed the business and put me in crushing debt. There was no money to start a new company, my wife was angry and frightened, and I fought hard not to drown in depression. I turned back to MLM, but this time I drove it with the fundamentals. I did only the things that worked and simplified my message and duplication systems. I identified leaders and worked closely with them, not letting them veer off the path of duplication. I was out of debt in a year and went on to build global organizations and a seven-figure income. 

ImmunoCode and B-Cardio are Coming to Europe

ImmunoCode and B-Cardio are Coming to Europe Soon

We have exciting news for all of you in the European Union (EU). ImmunoCode and B-Cardio are now fully registered with a Certificate of Free Sale for Europe! This means that these popular, USA-based products can be bought by international customers in Europe without any restrictions by Customs. 

Now that we have all the approvals, we are sending inventory to our shippers in the EU, so they can start fulfilling orders for members in those countries. So, look for these two products to be available for purchase by EU members in the upcoming weeks!

A Certificate of Free Sale, sometimes called a “Certificate for Export” or “Certificate to Foreign Governments,” is used when registering a product in another country. It indicates to the Customs authority in that country that the product to be imported is manufactured and freely sold in the United States. 

Learn more about ImmunoCode and B-Cardio at www.bepic.com.