Official Corporate communications

B-Epic strives to provide its members with real-time communication and updates. With this goal in mind, we have adopted different communication platforms such as Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Email and WhatsApp, to help us reach a wide range of audiences. We cannot guarantee the legitimacy of any statement that is not coming directly from corporate. We encourage you to invite your team members to plug into our communication platforms and to always refer back to the original message (from B-Epic) when coming across B-Epic announcements not posted by corporate. Be aware that legitimate paper communication will also contain our official B-Epic logo.   

Increased Ordering Limits

Please be advised that there has been a change to the order restriction guidelines.  As of 5/11/21, new and existing members can now purchase up to three items at a time versus one.

AMEX no longer accepted

If you are using American Express as a form of payment, please pay close attention to the following message: Effective immediately (05/06/2021) American Express is no longer a supported payment method. Any pending auto-ships under this form of payment will be unable to process. We kindly ask that you please log into your member back office and update your form of payment. We thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions please contact the Member Support at