Inspirational Message from a Leader in the Field: Galiya Sergazina

My name is Galiya Sergazina, I am from Almaty, Kazakhstan. And I want to share with you how happy I am! I am a financier-banker by profession, but more than 10 years ago I got into the amazing network marketing industry. I just love my business when I hear that ordinary people, regardless of their age and education, grow wings from being involved in something big and necessary, when their lives change dramatically and their dreams become reality! And almost 6 years ago, fate gave me the best in our profession: the company B-EPIC.

This is a company with a human face! High-quality, innovative cellular nutrition products make it possible to bring a large number of people back to life! The most generous payments change the quality of life for millions of partners today! And, of course, the company’s management, which truly, sincerely loves people and creates the best conditions for them! I want to thank the Putnam family, everyone involved in creating amazing opportunities to be happy!

My biggest inspiration and inner motivation are the results of my partners and their achievements! And I am very proud to be a small part of the global mission of my beloved company B-EPIC – to help everyone live their lives with maximum efficiency!

Galiya Sergazina, Double Blue Diamond

Prime Your Body for Peak Performance

Prime Your Body for Peak Performance!

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Is Your Shipping Address Correct and Complete?

Is Your Shipping Address Correct and Complete?

We have great shippers doing all they can to get your orders to you quickly. But they continue report issues with provided shipping addresses that are not correct or complete, which means we cannot ship those orders to you. This is particularly an issue with international packages. 

To ensure you receive your order, these are the absolute requirements:

  1. Correct and complete shipping address, including house number, building if applicable, street, city, province/state, CORRECT country, and postal code. 
  2. Valid phone number WITH COUNTRY CODE that you can be reached at.
  3. Working email address (with no typos) that you check regularly.

If any of these are incorrect or missing, you will NOT receive your order. 

Also, be sure to regularly check your spam or junk folders if you are not seeing emails from B-Epic Worldwide in your inbox. We are really attempting to keep all of you updated with the latest news.

To receive your order, please check that your shipping profile is correct and complete.

If Not Now, When?

If Not Now, When?

HELLO TO ALL OF YOU! I haven’t written anything for a couple of months but every day I think of all of you. As the guys are working on new ideas and we are planning new products and marketing strategies, I keep remembering one of the sayings we have used a few times and talk about a lot among ourselves.


That thought or saying can be applied to most anything in our lives. I think we especially need to think of this when we are talking about something we really don’t like to do very much. IF YOU DON’T MAKE 10 CALLS TODAY RIGHT NOW, THEN WHEN? I have started asking myself that question every time I want to put an important task off. I say it aloud. “Lynn, IF NOT NOW, WHEN?” Almost always I realize I need to go ahead and do it now. I am finding I get a lot more of the things done that I really should be doing, and I can then celebrate that I am not procrastinating and running the risk of forgetting. 

Just try this idea! I think you will find it will really be effective and you can avoid a lot of those miserable guilt feelings. Remember, IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

We are looking forward to a great first quarter of the year and we appreciate all of you very much. Together we can all experience a great new year in 2023. 

Cheers to all! ~ Lynn Putnam, B-EPIC Co-Founder & Executive Vice President

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B-Epic Gear Store USA Sale

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