New Natural Weight Management Instant Tea

Announcing our NEW Delicious Natural Weight Management Instant Tea

Introducing Drink2Shrink™ Instant Tea, a caffeine-free detox herbal infusion crafted to restore your body’s natural balance. Made from a synergistic blend of premium organic herbs, this tea gently cleanses, detoxifies, and revitalizes your entire system. Experience improved health, energy, and concentration with regular use, while managing weight effectively and supporting long-term wellness goals. Formulated for sensitive systems, it soothes the digestive tract and replenishes essential enzymes lost through modern food processing. It’s the perfect drink for a healthier lifestyle. 

Feel the difference today with Drink2Shrink™ Instant Tea! Now available in select markets.

Selling B-Epic Products on 3rd Party Retail Sites

Important Information about Selling B-Epic Products on 3rd Party Retail Sites

Be advised that if a B-Epic Brand Partner or Customer sells B-Epic Worldwide products or packs on any 3rd party site, it must be at the full retail price. No one is permitted to sell any B-Epic Worldwide products individually or in any pack at a price that is lower than the customer retail price posted on official B-Epic Worldwide websites and Back Office. If a B-Epic member sells any products or packs at the non-approved price on a 3rd party retail site, their B-Epic customer account will be locked, and they will not be able to access it nor get another customer account.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions on and ensure you are in compliance.

All About You Conference in Orlando was a big hit!

All About You Conference in Orlando was a big hit!

Hopefully we are all experiencing B-Epic in a wholistic surround sound way! An opportunity anchored in the best products at the best pricing! Now we can add the best training in the best culture. “Good Culture is to recruiting, what good product is to marketing.”

Orlando was the perfect melting pot of humanity of all walks of life! B-Epic Founder Dan Putnam set the tone and vision, even with beautiful inspirational live music performed by Adam. From then on, Stanecia Graham held the room in the palm of her hands! Then one great leader After another shared so many great things to empower those Who desire improvements in their lifestyles! VP Jesus Alvarez gave a profound International update, illuminated the idea that we are global, leveraging the global economy, indiscriminately to millions of doorsteps! We all left fulfilled and ready to go to the next level. I was given some time to share as well the message of “how to be epic” as part of a Brand New B-Ü Movement! 

Being you, is being happy, is being epic!  “The only successful you, the authentic you, the only sustainable you, is the authentic you. Be you, be happy, be epic!” ~ Ron Williams

April Free Sign-Up Special

April Free Sign-Up Special

April 2024 brings you an incredible opportunity to join B-Epic for FREE with our April Free Sign-Up Special! Featuring the REGENER8 LEADER PACK! Available by market. This offer is too good to miss! Available until April 30th, 2024.

Key Details:

  • Free Membership: Say goodbye to sign-up fees for the entire month!
  • Lifestyle-Qualified: This pack aligns perfectly with your wellness goals.

Important Rules:

  • Purchase this pack solo, without additional products, to enjoy the free sign-up.
  • New customers receive Distributor Pricing on this exclusive pack, and no substitutes are allowed.

Available Now in Your Back Office Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Join us on our wellness journey today!

Make Your Dream a Reality

Make Your Dream a Reality

Here in Sunny St. George Utah, it is almost spring. There are little green shoots popping up and trees are budding out.  I love that thought of rebirth– a renewal of good things I have experienced from the past. 

Right now that feeling of a rebirth can happen with all of us in B-epic also. Every day can be the start of a new season for any of us just like a rebirth of spring. We can choose this day to do things differently. We can create a new strategy to create the success we maybe only dream about. What is your dream for your success?  Is it monetary or maybe it is a physical goal– better health? more energy?  Our dreams are often a lot alike but often personal. We don’t always want to share them. Do you really want to turn that dream into a reality?  I believe you have to write it down!! I am still a great believer in getting it on paper or something that you can post in a strategic place so you see it- think about it- strategize how you can make it happen. Our dreams can become realities! 


I know B-Epic Worldwide can provide the platform for most of you to achieve your dreams. I sure have learned MORE MONEY honestly makes almost every dream easier to turn into reality. No matter what money helps create the way to success. YOU DREAM IT, COMMIT TO IT AND DO IT.

I believe in all of you. Create your own strategy to achieve your destiny. Best wishes to all of you! ~ Lynn Putnam, B-Epic Worldwide Co-Owner