Words of Inspiration from Leaders Wendy & Jenna

Words of Inspiration from Leaders in the Field

“If you don’t have a good vehicle, you won’t get very far and you can’t help anyone else either. B-Epic not only is a phenomenal vehicle for your health journey, but it also provides the financial tools to create any kind of income you desire. All the things you desire to achieve are possible here at B-Epic because of the incredible product line and the business model. It’s so easy to win here and to help others do the same. We are so grateful for all that B-Epic offers to us and the field. And we are excited to see all that’s possible in the future for all of us. As Booker T. Washington said, “There are two things a person can do with his power, one is to lift up, the other is to push down.” Let us all this season and every season use our power to lift others up and help them on their journey.” ~ Jenny and Wendy, Diamond Brand Partners

Did you see the website updates?

Did you see the website updates?

We are excited to announce that the B-ECO main site (becoww.com) has been transformed to showcase multiple products as we work to expand that product line. The website now features B-ECO Fuel Tabs as well as the new B-ECO Engine Life Treatment product. The B-ECO logo has also been upgraded to a more modern look that better captures the global nature of that brand.

In addition, you might notice a few updates on the main B-EPIC website (bepic.com) as well. We have included some new messaging and images on the homepage and other key pages on the site to more prominently highlight B-Epic’s supportive team culture of lifting up others. Also, the site menu and Products page has been slightly altered to better organize our growing product lines. 

We hope you love the updates to the websites! 

Do you want to earn money for pounds lost – up to $500 USD?

Do you want to earn money for pounds lost – up to $500 USD?

B-Epic Worldwide is excited to announce that our next Get Paid 2 Lose Weight (GP2LW) Challenge will start December 1st and run for 90 days. Then, in the new year, we will start a new 90-day challenge on the first day of every month thereafter (so for example, the following round would start January 1st, etc.). Even though the challenge officially starts on the 1st of each month, you can join at any time, but be advised that if you start your challenge later in a month (such as on the 15th), you will not have a full 90 days to do it. 

What’s great about our GP2LW Challenge is that everyone can win! Participants are paid based on the amount of weight they lose using B-Epic products – up to $10 per pound lost. To qualify for a cash prize, you must have an active B-Epic order of 70 CV or more every month of your 90-day challenge (no exceptions). (Tip: Use the autoship feature to help ensure you stay qualified.) For the challenge, we are offering a GP2LW product pack with special pricing – only $70.00 with 70 CV! Or you can purchase other B-Epic packs or a combination of our products – as long as your monthly order has a cumulative CV of at least 70.

The GP2LW Challenge is a great way to work on healthy lifestyle goals, shed unwanted pounds, and make some extra money. This awesome program is available exclusively for B-Epic Worldwide Brand Partners. So, if you are currently a customer and want to participate, upgrade to a distributor account (which is easy to do and has other perks associated with it). Also, be advised that each person may enter the GP2LW Challenge only one time, so when you sign up for it, be sure you are ready to commit to the changes necessary to reach your goal. Remember SUCCESS is a committed effort with a little bit of luck!

 Sign-up information and participant instructions are provided in your bepic.com member dashboard. Terms, conditions, and restrictions apply. See site for details.  

If you want to get paid to lose weight, we invite you to participate in the GP2LW Challenge!

Holiday $$$ Raffle for GP2LW

Holiday $$$ Raffle for GP2LW

Our new Get Paid 2 Lose Weight (GP2LW) program has been such a rewarding experience so far for so many! 

And since it is the holiday season and Christmas is coming up, we want to do something extra special for our community as part of this program.

So our company will be holding a raffle and giving away $10,000 USD!

Everyone who purchases the GP2LW promotion pack (ELEV8 + ACCELER8: $70 USD / 70cv) will be automatically entered into the raffle. To be eligible, orders must be placed by 12/10/22 11:59 pm MST. The GP2LW program is exclusively for B-Epic Brand Partners, so if a customer is interested, they need to upgrade to a distributor account.

On December 11th, we will hold the raffle drawing and randomly pick a WINNER who will get $5,000 USD!!! PLUS, as part of our mission to help lift up others, we will also be donating another $5,000 USD to help families in need. Two families will be selected to each receive a $2,500 USD cash donation this holiday season.

Happy Birthday B-Epic!

Happy Birthday B-Epic! 

Did you know that this is our birthday month? B-Epic Worldwide launched on November 11th in 2016 and continues to be a strong, independent family-owned business. Together we have had six great years of creating something truly EPIC. And may we all have many more years to come of growth and success. Looking forward, we are excited to stay focused on our core mottos of ADD MORE LIVE TO YOUR YEARS and MAKE EVERY DAY EPIC as we continue to make a difference in the world. 

We are so proud of what B-Epic has achieved since we started and where we are heading. As a company, we have continually strived to provide a platform to help others achieve an EPIC life. Along the way, we have had ups and downs. Good times and not so good. As we have expanded in many countries, we have reached so many new people but also faced added challenges (and opportunities) that inevitably come with growth. And always together we have made the best of it! 

Thank you to all our distributors and customers! And we want to welcome all who have joined us in the past year. Our company is blessed to have such a strong, caring group of members across the world. The amazing teams working together in the field are truly the heart of this business! Also, we are fortunate to have some really outstanding leaders in the industry and in life be part of B-Epic. Thank you to all of you for your enthusiasm, knowledge, and commitment! 

This is a great time to be EPIC, and together we can do it!  

Happy Birthday to all of B-Epic Worldwide! ~ The Putnam Family