Welcome to all the new members in the French Islands

Welcome to all the new members in the French Islands

Recently, B-Epic members held a meeting in French Island to introduce people to the B-Epic products and brand partner business opportunity. The turnout was great, and the energy in the room was incredible! As a result, over 122 new people joined B-Epic Worldwide! 

Of the event, Double Blue Diamond Xavier Barbay commented, “What a joy to return to Martinique to lead conferences in order to provide effective, 100% natural and unique solutions in the world (thank you B-EPIC and our Medical Advisory Board) that improve the quality of life of others!  In my opinion, nothing is more effective than meeting people to develop your business.”

We love to highlight our teams around the world. If you had a B-Epic event that you think would be great to feature, please let us know!

Take action and be the change!

Take action and be the change!

Happy fall or whatever season you are entering. Today, I have been pondering a little sign that I keep by my desk that says, “BE THE CHANGE”. It is very motivating to me. In reality, it is often easier to say than actually do. 

So, how can you or I be the needed change? I think the key is to actively engage with what we feel needs to change. For example, I ask myself, “do I want the change enough to think it through and then DO SOMETHING about it?”

Let’s say I wanted to change my health, I would start by considering my daily behaviors. Am I regularly eating healthy and taking good supplements? Do I have a daily exercise plan that I faithfully do? Am I getting good-quality sleep on a regular basis?

Or, if I wanted to increase my income, I would think about what changes I can make to improve my business. For example, am I talking to a certain number of people every day to build my team? What marketing plan am I following and am I consistently teaching and duplicating it with others? 

You don’t need to wait for anyone to create the change you need or want in your life. YOU CAN DO IT!  You can choose to be the change! And then create a plan to make it happen.

Be the change!  ~ Lynn Putnam, B-Epic Co-Founder & Executive Vice President

Tenerife Spain Event Highlights

Tenerife Spain Event Highlights

In mid-October, B-Epic had an amazing event in Tenerife, Spain for the top 50 winners of our recent recruiting contest. The Hotel Barcelo and the surrounding grounds and city were breathtaking! There was lots of fun to be had, including delicious food, fantastic excursions, and an amazing White Party with fireworks and live entertainment. The group also had the opportunity to participate in a local community service project, which was a very rewarding experience for all involved.

The next event for Europe and surrounding countries will be in Cyprus. The contest for that started on October 15th and goes until February 28th. We hope to see you there! 

90-Day Weight-Loss Challenge Update

90-Day Weight-Loss Challenge Update

We are nearing the end of our first Get Paid to Lose Weight (GP2LW) challenge – the 90 days end on October 31st. We will announce all the winners shortly after and how much weight they lost due to their hard work and amazing B-Epic products. The program has had great success, and B-Epic will start a new 90-day challenge January 1st – right in time for New Year’s resolutions!

Now is the time to get yourself and your downlines excited for the start of the next challenge. Make sure everyone has their autoship orders set up to have all their products ready for that January 1 start date. The GP2LW program is a great recruiting tool and a great way to reactivate downlines that may have gone inactive.

Remember, the great thing about the GP2LW challenge is people can earn money on their own personal weight loss. B-Epic does not just pay the person who lost the most weight; money is earned based on individual weight loss – so everyone can win! And the program is FREE to join!

Keep an eye out the first part of November to see our current winners and be ready to congratulate them for their hard work during this 90-day challenge.

New ImmunoCode Diagnostic Survey

New ImmunoCode Diagnostic Survey

ImmunoCode may be the best tool on the market today to help build and possibly improve and/or strengthen one’s immune system. We all should be taking this totally amazing product! Our immune system supplements should be food to nourish the body. And ImmunoCode is exactly that!  It provides nourishment for the immune system.

As we enter the season when it is especially important to boost our immune health, ImmunoCode – made with Advanced Transfer Factor – is an ideal daily supplement for immune system support.

Order ImmunoCode today from bepic.com!

What’s more, Dr. Hennen created an easy-to-use diagnostic survey for us that is basically a checklist of issues – such as aches and sickness – that someone may be dealing with in regard to their physical health. You can fill out this quick survey to have a record of your baseline and then reference it every few months to determine how taking ImmunoCode is helping you over time.  

Check out the new ImmunoCode Diagnostic Survey on the Marketing Materials page under Corporate Literature. https://be-epic.s3.amazonaws.com/ImmunoCode+Diagnostic+Survey.pdf 

Also, check out the remarkable research behind this amazing product: https://be-epic.s3.amazonaws.com/B-Epic+ImmunoCode+Research.pdf

Naturally boost your immunity with our orange cream B-IMMUNE drink!

Are you looking for a delicious, easy way to boost your immune system!  B-IMMUNE is a mouth-watering, naturally flavored orange cream immune support drink that helps strengthen and maintain a healthy immune system – making you less prone to getting sick and helping ease symptoms when you do.

B-IMMUNE contains a potent blend of immune-boosting vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, and medicinal mushrooms that help improve immune function and resistance to sickness. It provides a mega dose of Vitamin C (over 2,700% of the recommended daily dose) – one of the biggest immune system boosters of all. Plus, it contains Immunel™ (colostrum peptides), which is clinically proven to induce rapid changes in immune function within 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Order B-IMMUNE today from www.bepic.com/backoffice. Available in select markets.