Being Successful in the “New Normal”

It seems that every month, we are finding ourselves facing a “new normal”. During times of great change, I believe we have an opportunity to transform ourselves by re-evaluating and re-focusing on what we truly want to achieve. 

If you want to achieve anything in life, you need to DO what it takes to be successful at it. However, if what you are currently doing is not creating the results you want, then figure out why. Identify the behaviors, knowledge, and skills you need, then make the most important ones your immediate priority. Be brave, take a chance, and try something new!

If you are not sure what to do, surround yourself with people you look up to and who have already achieved the type of success you desire. Learn from them and model your actions and mindset after them. You too can develop the qualities, competence, and confidence needed to achieve the results you seek.

Best of luck and may you find the success you want!

Time-Sensitive Notice Regarding Inactive Accounts Purge

We want to apologize for causing any stress due to an unintentional error to active accounts that occurred in the system and for not giving sufficient notice regarding a housekeeping action on inactive accounts. Over the weekend, we prematurely locked all accounts that have had no activity (i.e., no orders) on them in the past 6 months/180 days in preparation for a needed system purge of inactive accounts. In addition, all active accounts were also mistakenly locked. This action has now been undone in the system, and all affected accounts have been unlocked. So, if anyone is still experiencing any issues as a result of it, please contact Member Support right away (before March 30th at the latest).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To allow everyone time to prepare, we are officially notifying you that on Wednesday, March 30th, 2022, all B-Epic distributor and customer accounts that have been INACTIVE (i.e., no orders) for 6 months/180 days will be locked in the back office and then permanently purged from the system. Be advised that this will include any free accounts that have never had an order placed on them. (In reality, free accounts are only good for 30 days if there is no order placed.)

So, this is a perfect time to contact your personally sponsored members that have not placed an order in the last 6 months/180 days and urge them to place an order on their account BEFORE next Wednesday (March 30th).

Also, be advised that moving forward (starting 3/30/22), the inactive account purge will be an ongoing automatic process. It is important and vital for keeping our organization tree clean and reducing the risk of system errors. As such, the following has been added to the B-Epic Terms and Conditions posted on our website. No additional notice will be made.

INACTIVE ACCOUNTS: Accounts that exceed 180 days of inactivity (no orders) will have their eWallets flushed, and the account will undergo a full purge. When that happens, the account will be removed from any trees and organizations and cannot be restored. In addition, any personally sponsored members will be moved up to the account that directly referred you (i.e., your Sponsor).

If you have any questions, please contact B-Epic Member Support.

Bermuda Team Donates to Heart Foundation

Shout out to the Bermuda team led by Kelli Miller who really put their hearts where it counted. February was Heart Month, and the Bermuda members decided to take B-Cardio and heart health to EPIC levels by donating $5 of their own commissions on every canister of B-Cardio sold in Bermuda, which was then matched by B-Epic Worldwide Corporate.

Congratulations to the Bermuda Team for thinking outside of the box and for raising $1000, which they will be donating to a Heart Foundation in Bermuda. Ideas and initiatives like this are what great B-Epic leaders look like.

We are honored to have such amazing, thoughtful members around the world who are working to make a positive difference in their communities. 

B-Epic members are shining examples of being the best version of yourself!

Reminder About Brand Partner Code of Ethics

It is very important that all of our affiliates / independent distributors follow the B-Epic Brand Partners Code of Ethics at all times. Below are some specifics that we want to make sure you are fully aware of.

As a reminder, please refer to ALL of the information posted on the Terms and Conditions as well as in the Brand Partner Handbook. It is expected that you stay abreast of that important information to ensure that you are always in compliance and maintaining the highest professional standards.


Do Not Make Unsubstantiated Product Claims

At B-Epic we value integrity and standby the quality of our products. As such we hold our company to high standards in this regard and expect all our affiliates / independent distributors to maintain honest marketing practices as well. B-Epic Brand Partners are not permitted to make any unproven and/or unsupported claims in any way about any of our products. B-Epic affiliates / independent distributors CAN NOT make any such statements in any presentation or on any promotional / marketing material of any form, including on any social media platform. These types of statements include – but are not limited to – the following: “You can lose weight from the first minutes of physical activity (not from the 15th-20th minute, as usual)”; “B-KETO allows a consumer to use less oxygen during exercise”; “All carbs are burned off during the first 20 minutes of exercise”; “Glycogen depletion must occur before the body begins to start burning fat”; “B-KETO “lower[s] your risk of type 2 & 3 diabetes”; and “B-Epic’s product KETOBA allows the body to begin burning fat from “second 1”.

Do Not Mention Other Companies and Products 

For legal reasons, it is very important that B-Epic Brand Partners do NOT mention any other companies or their products – for example, #NotPruvit or #BetterThanLeVel – in any form of marketing or advertising including on social media and zoom-type calls. Doing so is not permitted and goes against our Brand Partner Code of Ethics. It is important that all B-Epic affiliates / independent distributors understand and always follow this policy to ensure full compliance. Any violations may result in that Brand Partner’s suspension or termination. It is expected that we all conduct our businesses professionally and ethically.

Notice Regarding Solicitation from Other Companies

Any B-Epic Brand Partner who solicits or entices members of another direct sales company to sell or distribute B-Epic products and services bears the risk of being sued by the other direct sales company. If any lawsuit, arbitration, or mediation is brought against a Brand Partner alleging they engaged in inappropriate recruiting of another company’s sales force or customers, B-Epic will not pay any of the Brand Partner’s defense costs or legal fees, nor will B-Epic indemnify the Brand Partner for any judgment, award, or settlement.

B-Epic Brand Partners CAN NOT in any way at any time solicit, entice, or deliberately encourage any existing customer or promoter of Pruvit to join B-Epic or use our products. Be aware that you can be suspended or terminated from B-Epic for any infraction of this rule.

Feel Renewed and Vibrant

Have you tried B-Epic’s Royal Blue Tea yet? This unique, vibrantly colored herbal infusion is all organic, naturally caffeine-free, and rich in antioxidants. True to its name, when brewed it naturally turns a stunning blue color. Made from butterfly pea flowers, it has an earthy, woody, slightly sweet vegetable flavor similar to green tea.

For centuries blue teas have been used in Southeast Asia. Benefits from regular consumption may include assisting healthy weight management; naturally detoxifying the body; enhancing focus and memory; boosting immunity; helping relieve feelings of stress; and improving skin and hair.

Order Royal Blue Tea today from your B-Epic Back Office.

Important Update Regarding the Impact of the Crisis in Ukraine

Our hearts go out to all those who have been misplaced and are living in fear due to current difficult circumstances, especially our partners in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

To help those of you that depend on B-Epic for some or all of your income, we have been working hard to figure out and put into place some temporary measures that we hope will help. 

First, for members in Ukraine, Russian, and Belarus, if your account is “active” now – meaning there is a qualified order and the account status shows green – we will flag it in our system and keep it active for the next three months so that your volume will not flush while you cannot place orders. If things don’t work as planned, we can help fix it manually.

Second, because the major shipping carriers have halted services to Ukraine, Russian, and Belarus, we have updated the option in the Back Office so you can change your shipping address to have your order sent to a freight forwarder or to someone you know in another country who can get it to you. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee delivery or how long it may take as things are changing daily.

Also, we are in talks with an alternative shipping company with connections to that part of the world to have them ship the orders when and if they can find a safe route to get packages delivered.

There are a lot of new issues none of us have dealt with before that we are trying to find ways to navigate. We will keep you posted as things continue to unfold. 

We may not be able to choose our circumstances, but we are continuing to do what we can given the current situation. Our prayers from the Putnam family and Corporate Team go out to all of you. We are hoping for strength, courage, peace, health, and success for all of us. 

Way To Go! Keep Moving!

We want to extend a big shout-out to everyone who has been participating in our bmvmt program to boost their level of physical activity! bmvmt is about MOVING and being physically active every day. And it is designed for everybody, not just bodybuilders and gym fanatics. It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 81, we all need to keep moving to add life to our years as well as years to our life.
Only a few lifestyle choices have as big of an impact on health as physical activity. It has been shown to help reduce health risks and improve overall physical health, cognitive performance, mood, sleep, and more…including increasing your chances of living longer! In contrast, a sedentary lifestyle increases risk factors for serious diseases and long-term health and quality of life issues.
What’s great is that everyone can experience the benefits of being physically active! And even just doing a little is better than doing nothing! You can start gaining some of the health benefits by simply engaging in moderate-intensity aerobic activity, such as brisk walking, which has been found to be generally safe for most people.
Start moving and join the bmvmt movement today!  

Regarding Ukraine and Russia

To Our Dear Brand Partners and Customers,

Unfortunately, for the moment, we need to halt orders for Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine due to the current serious crisis. Our hearts are with our members and friends in that part of the world, and we pray for their safety and for a quick, peaceful resolution.

The current reality of the situation is that shipping companies have suspended deliveries to those countries. In addition, Ipayout and other payment services currently cannot transfer money to bank accounts in Russia. Also, Internet service has become spotty or completely shut off in the area. 

As a result, we cannot reliably communicate with nor send products or payouts at this time, so we are temporarily pausing those options for Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus. We will do what we can to keep all impacted partner accounts so they do not lose volume due to this heartbreaking situation. 

 We are closely watching as things unfold in order to stay on top of how to best support our dear partners and customers in these countries. Please know that we care about you, we are concerned for you, and we understand that this is a very serious situation and that it will affect all of us if not resolved soon.

On behalf of the B-Epic Team with love and concern,

Lynn Putnam, Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Welcoming the Newest Member to the B-Epic Family

It is with great joy that we announce that a core member of the B-Epic corporate team – Zack Meyers, Lead Software Engineer – and his wonderful wife recently had a baby.

The handsome baby boy Isaac is adorable and precious. Everyone is doing well and filled with so much happiness.

First-time father Zack said, “I’m enjoying every minute so far. I’m more than excited. It’s still surreal at this point.”

Congratulation to Zack and his family! 

Meet Dr. Adam Saucedo – B-CARDIO Formulator

B-Epic is proud to have a Medical Advisory Board comprised of esteemed doctors, researchers, and formulators that help us find proven, unique products that are real game changers. One such member is Dr. Adam Saucedo – the formulator of B-CARDIO, our proprietary raspberry-flavored, Nitric Oxide booster cardio health supplement drink.

Dr. Saucedo is a highly respected physician/scientist and international educator/lecturer on nutrition, health, dietary supplementation, and vascular disease. His remarkable achievements include being a Research Scholar for the National Institutes of Health and as a Research Fellow at the University of Utah School of Medicine Center.

Learn more about B-Epic’s prestigious Medical Advisory Board at