June Marketing Moment

To inspire and encourage everyone in their marketing efforts, we want to share a great tip from a leader in the field. On a recent call with his team, Angel Rodriguez explained that he has no problem talking to new people or cold calling because he always has a CLOSER. Wherever he introduces others to B-Epic’s products or business opportunity, he calls on another distributor or sponsor to help him close the deal.

In this industry, more product sales or sign-ups happen when team members help each other. Using a closer is key to how many successful distributors build large, strong teams. That’s teamwork in action!

That’s why we call B-Epic distributors “Partners”.

Royal Blue Tea Coming Soon

As we type this, we are wrapping up the final touches to launch a sensational new product for B-Epic called Royal Blue Tea. True to its name, when brewed it naturally turns a stunning blue color (due to the butterfly pea flowers from which it is made).

 Blue teas have long been used in the East and are now gaining popularity around the world. They are rich in antioxidants (even more than green tea) and have potent anti-aging, anti-inflammation, nootropic, and immune-boosting properties. Plus, regular consumption of this unique herbal infusion can help sustain ideal weight long-term.

 This is going to be big!

B-Epic Convention…Save the Date

Get out your calendars and save the date! We are thrilled to announce that B-Epic will be having a Convention on November 11th, 2021 in the USA (exact location TBA).

 The corporate team has been working to get everything lined up to make this important event happen. It is going to be EPIC! You and your team members will NOT want to miss it.

Stay tuned…details will be coming!

Florida Latino Market Event Highlights

Recently, team leader Angel Rodriguez hosted a B-Epic event for the Latino market in Orlando, Florida, USA. Over the course of the two-day event, the group had a great time participating in in-depth trainings and collaborative activities. Everyone said it was inspirational and lots of fun!

B-Epic VP of Marketing JC Martinez and VP of Global Operations Jesus Alvarez presented at the event and enjoyed getting to meet the delightful, dedicated brand partners who are leading the way in the area.

Big shoutout to Angel and the team for putting on an incredible event!

B-IMMUNE Full Product Launch

B-IMMUNE is now available for the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and United Kingdom. Due to popular demand, it has been made one of our core product offerings instead of just being a Limited Time Offer.

This mouth-watering, naturally flavored orange cream immune support drink helps strengthen and maintain a healthy immune system – helping make you less prone to getting sick and helping ease symptoms when you do.

Order B-IMMUNE today at bepic.com!

Recognizing Peru Manager

If you live in Peru, you likely have had the pleasure of working with Samalia de Matto. As the B-Epic’s Country Manager for Peru, she handles all inquiries for that area. Personable and professional, Samalia is a great support for the members there. She describes herself as “Peruvian by birth and by heart” and lives by the motto “Welcome Learning!”

 Samalia has more than 20 years of experience working in administration and customer support both in her country and abroad. For the past three years, she has specialized in logistical-administrative assistance and customer service for MLM companies.

We are so grateful to have Samalia on our team. Thank you for your tireless dedication to the B-Epic members in Peru!

Back Office Update

Here’s a quick update on B-Epic’s new Back Office. We know many of you have been awaiting its official launch. Thank you for your patience with this big update. Late last year, we announced that it was in the works, but then we had to change direction on the project to ensure it would meet everyone’s needs. And, now we are pleased to announce that it is almost done!

A lot of work has been put into developing a robust system that is not only dynamic but also simple to navigate. We apologize for the wait but are confident it will be worth it.  

The official launch date will be announced soon.

Shoutout to the Netherlands

We would like to express our appreciation for our fantastic fulfillment team in the Netherlands. Tonny Dirksen oversees all the shipping for orders going to the EU and EURASIA. With the help of her assistant Ashley, they are working at top speed to fulfill thousands of orders now that they have the products on hand.

By importing pallets of product to the Europe-based fulfillment center and shipping orders to EU and EURASIA members from there, it will speed up order shipping and keep shipping costs to a minimum.

Thank you Tonny and Ashely for all you do!

Importance of Positive Relationships

Adding More Life to Your Years…through Good Relationships!

B-Epic is a worldwide community of wonderful members. Everyday in this business, we have opportunities to connect with the most amazing people. It is truly a joy to be part of this epic experience with all of you. 

Having positive relationships – both personal and professional – is an important part of an EPIC life…and especially in our type of business which is based on networking and connecting with team members and customers in meaningful ways. By striving to have good relationships, it can fill our lives with deep fulfillment and a positive energy that affects everything else in life.

Great ways to build rapport and foster deeper connection with others include showing genuine interest in them, expressing appreciation for them, celebrating their achievements, regularly engaging with them, or just being there for them.

So, we encourage you to do something today to connect with – and uplift – someone else! For example, send a quick text to an old friend just to see how they are doing OR reach out to a new friend and plan a time to get together in person. They will likely be so happy to hear from you…and it just might make their (and your) day.