Epic Acts of Kindness

Epic Acts of Kindness

First, I want to wish you a Happy New Year 2024. May it be a year abundant in health, prosperity, and much success for everyone! We are very happy because the year 2023 that just ended was a year of many challenges, but also of many goals achieved. In terms of business, we were able to achieve the registration of ImmunoCode in Ecuador and Bolivia, and Allevi8 PRO in Mexico. Therefore, we had a great end of the year in Latin America!

However, what moved us the most and filled our hearts in this December was being able to help with a donation to carry out a community activity that took place in Pucusana Peru on last December 23rd, where we were able to give a Christmas gift to 126 children, and we were also able to share a moment of joy accompanied by chocolate, Christmas sweet bread, and a surprise package of candy for our children from this small community in Peru. Thank you to B-Epic and the Putnam Family for allowing us to close the year in such a humane and exemplary way!

Once again, we wish all our leaders the best for this year that is just beginning with the best vibes and greatest enthusiasm, and we will surely pursue to have the best year ever!  ~ Alejandro Gomez, B-Epic Latin America Director 

Important News from Corporate

Important News from Corporate

Please be aware of the importance of our Facebook pages. Most news is reported there. 

We really want to encourage all our partners to contact Customer Service as soon as possible with any issue so they can provide answers and help in a very timely way for you. If you don’t feel the answer is appropriate, please ask to have your next email escalated. All answers are recorded, and we will check to determine the issue and if the answer is correct or not.

Also, leaders, please take the time to teach the new partners you sign-up how to do things. We all need training for most things. You will sure retain more of your sign-ups and see new orders from them if they have been trained and know you will help them. People are easily frustrated and not very trusting right now anywhere in the world. You can BE THE ONE to train and help your people and then see the results with more orders which means more money and a happy working team.

Also, don’t forget that we have an exciting event coming up in Florida on February 15th-17th. Additional information and tickets are available in the back office. There is limited seating, so register now! 

Reflecting on the Past Year

Guadeloupe – what a beautiful place to hold an event!

Reflecting on the Past Year

“My tour of Guadeloupe, from late November to early December 2023, went very well. We had a great turnout. People are curious to learn how to improve their living conditions – physically, morally, and financially. And, thanks to B-EPIC, we can provide all this, which is why I call our beautiful company “the holistic company”. We are fortunate to be able to work on all five pillars of well-being: physical, moral, family, financial, and social.

Committed and enthusiastic about building my network from the start, I’m happy to have extended my team and to be able to travel around the world. In this way, I combine business with pleasure. With B-Epic Worldwide, I have enjoyed the opportunity to help others improve their living conditions and meet my partners and their teams as I indulge my passion for travel.

One of the things that drives me personally is meeting and connecting with others. With the help of my team, we’ve also set up numerous videoconferences for product and business presentations in order to reach even more people. For almost two years now, our committed partners have successfully taken up the baton, duplicating several forms of presentation: in-room conferences, zoom video conferences, or simply presentations at home.”

I’m proud of everyone’s work, because without others in the relationship marketing business, we can’t succeed. ~ Xavier Barbary, Black Diamond Brand Partner

It’s a New Year! Make it a Great Year!

It’s a New Year! Make it a Great Year!

It is wonderful to realize we are right at the first month of the new year. It is a perfect time to evaluate and decide if you want to make any changes in what you think or do that you can control. Look around you. What do you see? Who is in your circle of influence? That is always where we can start if we need to make changes. Most of us don’t really want or need to do a complete change. Most of us could use a few tweaks in who and what we are. 

Today I want us to think about who we love and HOW we love. No matter how bad things get in our world, there are always people that deserve and are easy to love. Do we freely give love to others? In other words, do you love not expecting anything in return? That is what I am talking about.

We can change the world with one kind word and deed at a time. We can be the change ourselves. Every kindness we put out there comes back to us in some form. I love life and people. I love the inspiration I receive from others to help me want to be more and do more.

I look forward to a really great year. We can each help to make it great in our own circle of influence which will be like two mirrors each on the opposite wall. When you look into one, it reflects the other one and appears to go on forever. As you influence one person, and they influence one person, and on and on it can go. It’s beautiful and life-changing. Be the one.

We can live today–remember–that is all you have for sure. Be the one just for today! We can all do it. Happy New Year and most of all HAPPY DAY TODAY!! ~ Lynn Putnam, Owner

Inspirational Message from Leader Olga Yaremchuk

Inspirational Message from a Leader in the Field

“Hello, dear partners of our favorite company B-EPIC. On behalf of myself and my large family and team, I want to express appreciation for the Putnam family, VP Jesus Alvarez, our mentor Ron Williams, my sponsor Larisa Zhukovsky, and the entire team that works tirelessly to support us!

Huge thank you to B-Epic Worldwide for providing an opportunity that so important for the members in my country. It is a very difficult time for the people of Ukraine, and B-Epic has come to our aid thanks to its remarkable marketing plan and products.

And a special thanks to everyone on our Ukrainian team for overcoming so many obstacles to support each other during this time and for sharing the power of our products and opportunity with others via presentations, seminars, and broadcasts on social networks. Our team is very hardworking! 

To everyone, if you ever lose the desire to work hard, think about the strong people in Ukraine that are making huge gains under the sound of sirens, without lights and communication, and having lost their loved ones.”

~ With great gratitude and deep respect, Olga Yaremchuk, Blue Diamond Brand Partner.

January 2024 Free Sign-Up Pack

January 2024 Free Sign-Up Pack

Introducing the January 2024 FREE Sign-Up Pack: 2 ImmunoCode for only $99.95! Embrace a New Year, New Free Sign-Up Pack with another ground-breaking offering from our top scientists! This month’s pack features 2 ImmunoCode—a powerful blend created by Dr. Hennen. This secret combination of Transfer Factor, medicinal mushrooms, and potent herbs supports your body in boosting immunity! Available Until January 31st, 2024!

Key Details:

  • Free Membership: Say goodbye to sign-up fees for the entire month with this pack!
  • Lifestyle-Qualified: This pack aligns perfectly with your wellness goals.
  • Important Rules: Purchase this pack solo, without additional products, to enjoy the free sign-up. New customers receive Distributor Pricing on this exclusive pack, and no substitutes are allowed.

Available now through January 31st in your Back Office!

W8 Magic Chews – Same Great Formula, New Great Flavor

W8 Magic Chews – Same Great Formula, New Great Flavor 

Due to the success and popularity of our fast-acting weight management candy W8 Magic™ Chew, we are launching a yummy new flavor combination! Look out for the new packaging filled with delicious salted caramel and vanilla crème flavors.

B-Epic W8 Magic™ Chews are a multifunctional healthy weight management candy that is formulated to be a natural, safe, and effective appetite suppressant and fat burner. It works naturally in the body by helping quickly curb cravings and increase thermogenesis (fat burning). W8 Magic™ Chews are made with clinically proven ingredients found to naturally support healthy weight management, including a patented African Mango extract, Ciccus, L-Carnitine, and GBB (Gamma-Butyrobetaine).

W8 Magic Chews are a yummy way to enhance your weight management efforts! Order today! Available in select markets.

Morocco Event Highlights

Morocco Event Highlights from the French Guiana Team

B-Epic Worldwide recently hosted a phenomenal event in Morocco! Renowned for its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes, Morocco was a captivating destination for our members in attendance. Blue Diamond Nathanael Gontrand from French Guiana had this to say about the wonderful event and B-Epic Worldwide.

“Thank you for this wonderful trip to Morocco. It was the first trip for me and my team from French Guiana. For one of the members, it was the first time he won a trip with a network marketing company. (He quickly qualified Gold!) We had a great time, and my leaders came back with lots of energy.

We want to thank B-Epic for this incredible opportunity! We have finally found a golden company with a fair reward system for all. We have a system of ethical values, love, and mutual aid in our team in French Guiana. We are people who are happy and want to create very big things. And this combines very well with the system that B-Epic has in place. And don’t forget we all have a power within us that develops every day to reach the heights. Our team in French Guiana had several Diamond, Gold, and Silver qualifications this month! From me and my team, we say thank you and we are looking forward to an even better 2024 with B-Epic Worldwide.”

Congratulations to Nathanael Gontrand and the French Guiana team for all your success this year. And thank you for sharing your positive energy with us! And, to everyone else, we look forward to seeing you at our next exciting event!

Preview of B-Epic Worldwide’s Plan for the New Year

Rreview of B-Epic Worldwide’s Plan for the New Year

We would like to inform you of some exciting news and upcoming updates. This is just a quick preview to make you aware of our direction for the first quarter in the new year. Keep a lookout for coming announcements with more details.

1. Monthly Update Calls are held the first Wednesday of every month. We hope you can take advantage of the weekly Zoom calls offered around the world. We also hope to have them recorded, so they can be listened to later.

2. To support and recognize our amazing members, we will be launching a new monthly recognition program and a new healthy lifestyle program. More exciting details to come in the new year!

3. If you are in the Florida USA area, join us for a fantastic mini event on Thursday, February 15th through Saturday, February 17th. Tickets are already on sale and information is available in your bepic.com Back Office. 

4. If you know anyone in Nigeria who wants to sign up for B-Epic, great things are happening there! We have an office with meeting room staffed by a helpful manager who can help any teams and members. (Did you know that NutriNRG and B-Eco Fuel Tabs both sell very well there!) Office Location: Modupe House, 301 Ikorodu Rd, Idi Iroko, Maryland, Ikeja, Nigeria. Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. Products Available: ACCELER8 Sleep, ACCELER8 Restore, B-CARDIO, ELEV8, HYDR8, NutriNRG, and B-Eco Fuel Tabs.

5. If you are in South Africa, we have a shipping team working hard to get you your orders in a timely manner. In addition to having local shippers who ship orders daily, you can pick up orders at that local warehouse. Warehouse Location: 22 Village Crescent, Linbro Business Park, Sandton, South Africa. Pick-Up Hours: Monday – Friday 9pm-3pm.

6. We are excited to announce that the delays for shipping some products to the EU are almost totally resolved. It is very important to us that we ensure everything is done properly and in full compliance, which can be a very lengthy, entailed process as there are many requirements and constantly changing rules governing MLM companies, which vary from country to country. 

We appreciate all of you from the smallest orders to the largest teams. It takes all of us working together to create success for everyone and an uplifting community we can all call home. As a worldwide company, we work hard to provide support to our members everywhere. Although our efforts are often focused on countries experiencing the greatest growth and doing high volumes of business, we also strive to support our member in countries just getting started or with lower membership levels. 

There are lots of great things happening in B-Epic around the world! Together, let’s make 2024 a year to remember due to success for all of us!

End of Year Message of Gratitude from Latin America

End of Year Message of Gratitude from Latin America 

“As the 2023 year comes to a close, I want to thank all of you for your camaraderie, support, and dedication to always work together as a team striving for success and growth. We have formed a great family and a united, winning team! Over this past year, we have shared unforgettable moments and strengthened our friendship and business ties.

It has been a year full of opportunities and achievements for everyone, resulting in sustained growth for our members, leaders, and company, which positions all of us to have an even better year in 2024.

I wish you much happiness during the holidays, in a company of your loved ones, and we thank the universe for this great year that allowed us to grow as human beings, as agents of change to help other people, and in laying the foundations to build a promising future.”

Wishing you happy holidays! ~ Alejandro Gomez, B-Epic Latin America Director