Welcoming the LurraGlobal Team: The Future is Bright!

A welcome message from Travis Martin from LurraGlobal regarding their recent merger with B-Epic Worldwide.

I am personally excited about this merger with B-Epic, it is an exciting development that will allow us to create more value for all our Brand Partners all over the world.

A successful merger is like putting high-performance tires on your car: the combination is greater than the sum of the parts, and the two organizations can achieve things together that they couldn’t do separately.

This merging of LurraGlobal and B-Epic is a combination that will create the world’s leading network marketing company providing the world’s best products and the world’s best opportunity.

A successful merger happens when the two companies share the same vision and values. I can personally attest to the integrity and honesty of the owners of B-Epic. It has been my pleasure working with each and every one of you.

The future is incredibly bright! We are excited to be part of the B-Epic Worldwide family!