Smashing Sales in September

Way to go! We would like to recognize Kelli Miller and the Bermuda team Sue Corriea, Heather Lamb, Taina Durham, and Santin & Shannon Simons for smashing $23,000 in sales for September. These hard-working, inspirational Brand Partners commit to their businesses everyday with passion and professionalism. In addition, they constantly look for opportunities to lift and serve others through B-Epic’s fantastic opportunity and remarkable products. 

Congrats to Joanna Bacon

Congratulation to Joanna Bacon from the United Kingdom

The B-Epic Corporate Team would like to extend a BIG congratulations to Joanna Bacon, a B-Epic Independent Brand Partner and beloved team leader from the United Kingdom.  We are excited to announce that Joanna has been invited to participate in the writing – alongside industry icon Rob Sperry – of the upcoming “Six Figures and Beyond” book about achieving financial success in the network marketing industry.

Joanna is a seasoned networker with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry.  After becoming a mother at age 16, she realized the only way for her to be successful and be a hands-on mom was to be an entrepreneur…so she got started in the MLM industry!  Since then, she has built three multi-million-dollar teams AND has fulfilled her dream of buying her own family home and traveling the world with her children.  These days Joanna’s passion is helping others be the best version of themselves focusing on positive well-being and using B-Epic’s incredible products.

Congratulations Joanna on all your remarkable achievements!  You are a wonderful inspiration to so many!  

August 2021 Marketing Moment

Dan recently talked about the concept of “the first day of the rest of your life (aka Day One)” with a group of B-Epic members that we wanted to share with everyone:

As we all know, Day One is always a Monday, or the first of the month, or the first of the new year?  Right?  How could any other day be a Day One? 

But, in reality, you can make any day – or even any hour – be your Day One. It can even be right now as you are reading this newsletter.

You can start fresh, implement change, and/or try something new at any time. Don’t fall into the procrastination trap of thinking a better time will come or waiting until everything is perfect. Make it Day One right now! When you decide you want a different outcome in any area of your life, you can make any moment be your Day One. For example, do you want to make more money in your business? Well then, create a plan and start to implement it right away.

Right NOW can be the first day of the rest of your life. Just try it! It works!   

Houston Texas Event Highlights

With an abundance of good energy and lots of excitement, B-Epic’s Regional Event in Houston Texas was one for the books! We want to extend gratitude to our members and guests that attended and made this event possible. 

Founder and CEO Dan Putnam kicked off the event with an exciting presentation on some new member resources we’re launching that are designed for “massive action” to help any individual kickstart their business and set themselves up for success.

Another highlight was the powerful and inspiring presentation and group mediation by motivational guest speaker Ruben Mata. The energy in the room was truly incredible!

Thanks to everyone who made this event so amazing!

New Back Office Launch

After a lot of work, we are excited to announce that the much-anticipated new B-Epic Back Office officially launched on August 14th.  Join us in extending our appreciation and thanks to our talented team of programmers who have dedicated the last several months to planning, developing, and refining this great new Back Office system for all of us.

We are confident that this new Back Office will be a valuable tool to help you work and build your individual businesses. The initial feedback from the field is that the new system is easy to use and has powerful features.  As with anything new, there will be a learning curve as our members around the world start working in the new system. So, to facilitate a successful transition, we will be doing some trainings and providing how-to videos.

A big thank you to our lead programmers Zack Meyers (Head Programmer) and Erick Looke (Assistant Programmer).