Shoutout to Kelli Miller in Bermuda

We want to give a big shoutout to Kelli Miller in Bermuda for her awesome business building.  She is experiencing great success in her B-Epic business thanks to her passion for the products and attention to her customers.  She also reaches out to her community to build more connections.  For example, she recently went on a local radio station in Bermuda to promote B-Epic, which brought in lots of new contacts.  On top of that, she serves as the Bermuda country manager for B-Epic and oversees order fulfillment for the area.  

Experience the Power of Ketones

If you are struggling to stick to a low carb diet or are wanting to boost your weight management efforts, B- KETO is a great-tasting, science-backed supplement proven to help! 

Drinking sugar-free B-KETO, you can experience many of the benefits from increasing the active ketone levels in your body (which increases fat burning) WITHOUT cutting carbs from your diet. If you are on a low-carb or ketogenic diet, B-KETO can greatly boost the effects of the diet. Plus, it provides lasting natural energy, mental clarity, and appetite suppression.

Order B-KETO from your B-Epic Back Office today.

Meet Dr. William Hennen

B-Epic’s Medical Advisory Board is comprised of top-tier doctors, researchers, and formulators like Dr. Hennen to help us find proven, unique products that are real game changers, such as Dr. Hennen’s ImmunoCode health supplement.

Dr. William Hennen is a bio-organic and medicinal chemist with over three decades experience in nutraceutical product development. He is widely known as a leading supplement scientist of “next gen” products that address issues at their root causes and is considered the “father” of transfer factor supplementation. 

Learn more about B-Epic’s prestigious Medical Advisory Board at

Reasons to Love Mondays

This month’s motivational message comes from one of the members of our staff who recently shared this with me. I thought others might also find it inspiring. 

One of the vendors we work with once told me that he “loves Mondays” …that it is his FAVORITE day of the week. When he said that, I honestly thought he was joking. As someone who works hard and truly enjoys their job BUT really lives for the weekend, I would never say that I “like” let alone “love” Mondays. In fact, as far as days of the week go, I would rank it dead last. But after he explained why he found Mondays to be so great, I’ve started looking at them in a whole new light.

He said that he loves Mondays because they bring with them so much possibility. They are the start of the new week and an opportunity to set, work towards, and accomplish goals. (He is a real go-getter and has created a lot of success in his life.)  Plus, Mondays are kind of like a clean slate – a chance to start fresh with renewed energy, optimism, and direction. Yes, the weekends are great…they can be very fun and carefree, but Mondays are made for getting stuff done and accomplishing things.    

When you look at it that way, Mondays actually sound pretty fantastic!  I can’t believe I’ve been dreading them for so long.  Now I open my eyes Monday morning with a sense of excitement and the clear thought that “great things are about to happen”.

I hope every day – including Monday – is a great day for you! 

Compensation Plan Page on Website

We are excited to announce that the B-Epic Compensation Plan (English) has now been set up as a webpage on the website!

Having a web-based version of the compensation plan will allow for greater accessibility and create a more mobile-friendly experience for individuals accessing and viewing the information via cell phones and tablets.

The PDF versions of the compensation plan will still be maintained and linked to on the websites so all our members will continue to have access to that resource as well.

Check on the new webpage now at