B-CARDIO Available in Easy-to-Use Sticks

B-CARDIO is Now Available in Easy-to-Use Sticks

You asked and we heard!  Due to popular demand, B-Epic’s favorite raspberry-flavored supplement drink is now available in stick packs – making it even easier to experience all the heart-health benefits.

Plus, these handy little sticks are perfect for life on the go! Like all our stick pack products, they are super convenient and easy to use. There is no need to measure it out with the scoop or pack around the canister when you are away from home.

Naturally boost your heart, body, and life…with B-CARDIO stick packs! Our doctor-formulated, proprietary formula is designed to help support cardiovascular health and the body’s natural ability to produce Nitric Oxide. It’s also a great way to increase energy and endurance without caffeine or stimulants. Plus, it is a fantastic pre-workout that can help boost performance and recovery.

Order B-CARDIO today from your B-Epic Back Office at www.bepic.com/backoffice.

Comp plan page live on becoww.com

B-ECO Compensation Plan now LIVE on becoww.com

Have you checked out the compensation plan specifically for B-ECO? It lays out all the details for Brand Partners interested in the B-ECO opportunity. Most notably, it includes information about the Monthly MINI Lifestyle Bonus, which can pay up to $350 USD per month! If you order the Fuel Tabs 3-pack ($50 USD), you can earn a Monthly Mini Lifestyle Bonus, which is half (50%) the dollar amount of the regular Monthly Lifestyle Bonus.

In addition to the PDF version that is linked to on the becoww.com website, we now have a web-based version of the B-ECO compensation plan as a resource for members. This new, online version is more mobile-friendly for those accessing and viewing the information via cell phones and tablets.

Check out the new comp plan webpage now at https://www.becoww.com/0/compplan

Get Paid to Lose Weight starting August 1st

Get Paid to Lose Weight! Earn up to $500…Starting August 1st!

The Get Paid to Lose Weight (GP2LW) program will pay you to lose weight, up to $500 depending on how much weight you lose in 90 days!

Started as a way to positively impact the health and lives of our members, we host a GP2LW challenge that any Brand Partner can enter and everyone can win. Participants are paid based on the amount of weight they personally lose using our products – up to $10 per pound lost.

To register email gptlw@bepic.com. Once you register, you will receive an instructional email on what to do next. Remember, everyone can earn money!

Register now! Earn up to $500 with the 90 Day Challenge starting August 1st!  

Highlights of Costa Rica Women’s Event

Big Shout Out to Our Wonderful Members in Costa Rica

We recently held a truly special event in Costa Rica. It was our first B-Epic Worldwide Women’s Event!

There were over 100 remarkable women in attendance. Having them together in the same room was truly inspirational. Individually and collectively they are a powerful force of good for the world!

As a result of this amazing event, Costa Rica hit #1 in sales out of all Latin America countries AND it was the country with the most growth for the months of June and July!

Are You Connected?

Hello everyone from very hot St. George, Utah USA. A lot has happened, and a lot is going on now. Many of you are having to make choices again even though you thought you had already made the choice for your MLM home. There will always be voices and choices you will be confronted with. Depending on the presenter and the seemingly great opportunities presented, we can easily be fooled into believing things that may be too good to be true, or that encourage us to be a bit unethical to make more money or accomplish our goals quicker. What are honesty and integrity worth to you? In our world today, we are faced with a lot of information and opportunity to choose the direction we will go. Do values matter? That is a question each of us must ask ourselves, sometimes every day. 

Are you connected with your values and what you hold to be true? Do you stand up for what you say you believe? We live in the best of times with great medical advances, wonderful technology, and opportunities galore. YET these can also be the worst of times. High inflation, wages not keeping up, shortages of everything, pandemics, conflicts, and misguided information presented as truths.

Are we connected to the truths we have always held dear in any of our nations around the world? Are we connected to family and friends? Are we connected to what brings joy and a sense of peace and faith in the future? Everyday choices matter and affect our businesses and what our future will be. 

Take a moment to evaluate the voices around you. Connect with those things and people you hold dear. Success can follow for each of us. Stand up, be firm, and be a leader for good. It will take all of us to make a difference in an ever-changing world.

Be connected! ~ Lynn Putnam, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of B-Epic Worldwide