Please join us in congratulating Xavier Barbay for achieving the Double Blue Diamond rank!  We recently asked him to share his thoughts on his success.

“The fact of having qualified Double Blue Diamond, I owe it to the daily work of an exceptional team. I am lucky to be surrounded by women and men of heart, who share the same values. The desire in particular to improve the quality of life of as many people as possible on this planet.

I discovered relationship marketing at the age of 20, with varying degrees of success. All these past experiences have been rich lessons. I am now reaping the fruits of success since 2013 when my life changed, thanks to this MLM industry, in the field of well-being.

 Why did I choose to work with B-Epic starting in February 2022?

  • What seems important to me is first of all the financial solidity of this MLM (multilevel marketing) company.
  • A team of exceptional researchers and physicians, recognized worldwide, are part of the company’s advisory committee. It is very reassuring, and it is a guarantee of quality.
  • Leaders perform well. They have enormous development prospects (and yours are also expanding!) and they listen to the leaders who work in the field.
  • The products are exclusive and unique in the world, with a real rapid impact on people.
  • The commission plan is outstanding. It allows everyone to be able to get by financially, according to their commitment and their clearly defined objectives. And there is nothing more honoring than making a living by helping others improve their quality of life.”

 Congratulations to Xavier Barbay for achieving the Double Blue Diamond rank!