For this month’s marketing moment, we asked Black Diamond Kevin O’Connor what he loves in particular about B-Epic and why he feels it is the best company to be a part of in the industry.

Here’s what he shared: “B-Epic has the fundamentals; products that people want, a customer-centered approach that helps us create a growing customer base, and an awesome comp plan that rewards members at all levels. That is critical. Fast money at the beginning, steady money as you grow, and life-changing money to reward you for developing leaders on your team. I love the name of the company. I believe that every person has a desire to Be Epic. They need you to show them how.”

We love what Kevin said!  In creating and growing the B-Epic company and business opportunity worldwide, we always have the success and interest of our Brand Partners in mind. From the products we launch to the rewards we offer, we do it all to support and lift up our members. This has been and will always be a family business at its heart, and we think of all of you as part of our family.

Thank you for being a part of the B-Epic Worldwide family!