This morning I was reflecting on a little decorative sign that sits on my desk.  It says, “Survivors and Thrivers see things for what they are – good and bad – and they deal with them.”  

More and more in life, I am seeing that there is a great need to be flexible and to accept that often almost anything can be good AND ALSO bad. So much of it is in the eye of the beholder or – in other words – it depends on our perception of things. One person can think something is good while another person – experiencing the same thing but in different circumstances – can think it is bad.  The reality is that life is full of good AND bad, and those who can accept both with a calm, understanding approach are more likely to find ways to deal with everything life has to experience with less stress and discouragement.

It is important to remember that nothing in life is perfect and that a charitable attitude can create winners in almost every part of life. So, I encourage you to choose to let go of the bad that you cannot control and to keep a positive, winning mindset. Focus on what you can change to make your life better every day. 

Happy Spring! ~ Lynn Putnam