This month’s motivational message comes from one of the members of our staff who recently shared this with me. I thought others might also find it inspiring. 

One of the vendors we work with once told me that he “loves Mondays” …that it is his FAVORITE day of the week. When he said that, I honestly thought he was joking. As someone who works hard and truly enjoys their job BUT really lives for the weekend, I would never say that I “like” let alone “love” Mondays. In fact, as far as days of the week go, I would rank it dead last. But after he explained why he found Mondays to be so great, I’ve started looking at them in a whole new light.

He said that he loves Mondays because they bring with them so much possibility. They are the start of the new week and an opportunity to set, work towards, and accomplish goals. (He is a real go-getter and has created a lot of success in his life.)  Plus, Mondays are kind of like a clean slate – a chance to start fresh with renewed energy, optimism, and direction. Yes, the weekends are great…they can be very fun and carefree, but Mondays are made for getting stuff done and accomplishing things.    

When you look at it that way, Mondays actually sound pretty fantastic!  I can’t believe I’ve been dreading them for so long.  Now I open my eyes Monday morning with a sense of excitement and the clear thought that “great things are about to happen”.

I hope every day – including Monday – is a great day for you!