Words of Inspiration from a Leader in the Field: Bulat Tomatayev, Double Black Diamond Brand Partner

It is a pleasure to have been part of this incredible company almost from year ONE! Nearly 7 years ago, I was introduced to this remarkable business opportunity in Kazakhstan, with amazing products that can make a tremendous difference in people’s health and well-being. Among the amazing products B-Epic offers, my personal favorite is the Epic Pack (Elev8, Sleep, and Restore).

To achieve success and attain the Rank of Double Black Diamond, I recommend the following actions and advice. Give freedom of action to each partner. Work in a team; we conduct training three times a week, one of them every Monday “Attitude for the Week”. Work in social networks, especially in TikTok, going to live broadcasts. Encourage and recognize partners in new statuses. Travel to other cities of leaders and make presentations and do live meetings. Always be the best version of yourself. Dream big, take action, and don’t stop. Always and everywhere talk about our products. And be happy!

Always grateful for this journey! ~ Bulat Tomatayev, Double Black Diamond Brand Partner