If Not Now, When?

HELLO TO ALL OF YOU! I haven’t written anything for a couple of months but every day I think of all of you. As the guys are working on new ideas and we are planning new products and marketing strategies, I keep remembering one of the sayings we have used a few times and talk about a lot among ourselves.


That thought or saying can be applied to most anything in our lives. I think we especially need to think of this when we are talking about something we really don’t like to do very much. IF YOU DON’T MAKE 10 CALLS TODAY RIGHT NOW, THEN WHEN? I have started asking myself that question every time I want to put an important task off. I say it aloud. “Lynn, IF NOT NOW, WHEN?” Almost always I realize I need to go ahead and do it now. I am finding I get a lot more of the things done that I really should be doing, and I can then celebrate that I am not procrastinating and running the risk of forgetting. 

Just try this idea! I think you will find it will really be effective and you can avoid a lot of those miserable guilt feelings. Remember, IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

We are looking forward to a great first quarter of the year and we appreciate all of you very much. Together we can all experience a great new year in 2023. 

Cheers to all! ~ Lynn Putnam, B-EPIC Co-Founder & Executive Vice President