Take action and be the change!

Happy fall or whatever season you are entering. Today, I have been pondering a little sign that I keep by my desk that says, “BE THE CHANGE”. It is very motivating to me. In reality, it is often easier to say than actually do. 

So, how can you or I be the needed change? I think the key is to actively engage with what we feel needs to change. For example, I ask myself, “do I want the change enough to think it through and then DO SOMETHING about it?”

Let’s say I wanted to change my health, I would start by considering my daily behaviors. Am I regularly eating healthy and taking good supplements? Do I have a daily exercise plan that I faithfully do? Am I getting good-quality sleep on a regular basis?

Or, if I wanted to increase my income, I would think about what changes I can make to improve my business. For example, am I talking to a certain number of people every day to build my team? What marketing plan am I following and am I consistently teaching and duplicating it with others? 

You don’t need to wait for anyone to create the change you need or want in your life. YOU CAN DO IT!  You can choose to be the change! And then create a plan to make it happen.

Be the change!  ~ Lynn Putnam, B-Epic Co-Founder & Executive Vice President