Highlights from the Biggest Event of the Year: B-Epic Global Convention 2021

B-Epic recently held its biggest event of the year!  The 2021 Global Convention was broadcast via Zoom around the world in honor of the company’s 5th Anniversary. The virtual event was packed with energizing presentations, in-depth trainings, and exciting announcements. 

We heard from several members of the Corporate team, including CEO/Founder Dan Putnam, Global Operations VP Jesus Alvarez, and Sales & Marketing VP JC Martinez. In addition, we got to learn from the esteemed members of our new Medical Advisory Board – Dr. Bala Ambati, Dr. William Hennen, Dr. Adam Saucedo, and Franco Cavaleri – about the groundbreaking science behind B-Epic newest products. There were additional presentations about B-Epic products and programs by George Hou and Mario Lopez. 

One of the highlights was the special keynote by Rob Sperry – award-winning network marketing coach, expert recruiter and sales trainer, and popular international author and speaker. We were also inspired by B-Epic Diamond+ leaders Lance Conrad, Joanna Bacon, Angel Wall, and Jenny Ericsson who shared success stories and proven techniques to take your business and life to the next level.

This year’s Global Convention was a power-packed virtual event!