Hello everyone from very hot St. George, Utah USA. A lot has happened, and a lot is going on now. Many of you are having to make choices again even though you thought you had already made the choice for your MLM home. There will always be voices and choices you will be confronted with. Depending on the presenter and the seemingly great opportunities presented, we can easily be fooled into believing things that may be too good to be true, or that encourage us to be a bit unethical to make more money or accomplish our goals quicker. What are honesty and integrity worth to you? In our world today, we are faced with a lot of information and opportunity to choose the direction we will go. Do values matter? That is a question each of us must ask ourselves, sometimes every day. 

Are you connected with your values and what you hold to be true? Do you stand up for what you say you believe? We live in the best of times with great medical advances, wonderful technology, and opportunities galore. YET these can also be the worst of times. High inflation, wages not keeping up, shortages of everything, pandemics, conflicts, and misguided information presented as truths.

Are we connected to the truths we have always held dear in any of our nations around the world? Are we connected to family and friends? Are we connected to what brings joy and a sense of peace and faith in the future? Everyday choices matter and affect our businesses and what our future will be. 

Take a moment to evaluate the voices around you. Connect with those things and people you hold dear. Success can follow for each of us. Stand up, be firm, and be a leader for good. It will take all of us to make a difference in an ever-changing world.

Be connected! ~ Lynn Putnam, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of B-Epic Worldwide