It’s a New Year! Make it a Great Year!

It is wonderful to realize we are right at the first month of the new year. It is a perfect time to evaluate and decide if you want to make any changes in what you think or do that you can control. Look around you. What do you see? Who is in your circle of influence? That is always where we can start if we need to make changes. Most of us don’t really want or need to do a complete change. Most of us could use a few tweaks in who and what we are. 

Today I want us to think about who we love and HOW we love. No matter how bad things get in our world, there are always people that deserve and are easy to love. Do we freely give love to others? In other words, do you love not expecting anything in return? That is what I am talking about.

We can change the world with one kind word and deed at a time. We can be the change ourselves. Every kindness we put out there comes back to us in some form. I love life and people. I love the inspiration I receive from others to help me want to be more and do more.

I look forward to a really great year. We can each help to make it great in our own circle of influence which will be like two mirrors each on the opposite wall. When you look into one, it reflects the other one and appears to go on forever. As you influence one person, and they influence one person, and on and on it can go. It’s beautiful and life-changing. Be the one.

We can live today–remember–that is all you have for sure. Be the one just for today! We can all do it. Happy New Year and most of all HAPPY DAY TODAY!! ~ Lynn Putnam, Owner