To be or not to be!

Is that the question? On the road to success, who you are is defined by what you do. So the question should be: To do or not to do. That is the real question that stands before us on a daily basis. Through years of TV at first, and now, social media conditioning, we have been programmed to watch, to contemplate, to criticize, to be on the outside looking in.

But as long as we stay outside, we remain alienated from our own lives, from our own quests. The good news is that we are a daily decision away from the road to success. We are all aware of that road, and the only way to take that road is through daily decisions.

So, every day write down the 3 or 4 things that will bring you closer to your goal. A new customer, a new distributor, a new invitation, another follow-up. Then transfer each of these actions to a specific time in your day planner. Then do it. Just do it. 

A daily action will keep you on the road to success. You choose whether you do it or not. To be successful or not to be successful. To do daily or not to do daily. To choose or not to choose. That is your question.

Get on the road to success, and never leave it. That is your daily decision! ~ John Godzich, President of B-Epic Europe