Words of Inspiration from a Leader in the Field: Frank Lopez, Diamond Brand Partner

Passion, intention, determination, hope, vision, and strength blossom like a flower when you find an ideal, impactful company. This is why I chose B-Epic. I was drawn to the strong values and great leadership of the corporate team and the entire community. Plus, the extraordinary products exceed expectations! My favorites are B-CARDIO and ELEV8. What’s more, the compensation plan, including the monthly lifestyle bonus unique in the market, is made so anyone can earn from the very first day. B-Epic Worldwide is a special, globally expanding business! Thank you for giving us light and hope for financial freedom.

Many have asked me how they too can be successful in B-Epic Worldwide. My advice is to set a goal and become obsessed. Make sure it is a clear, burning desire that wakes you up in the morning with excitement. Then, imagine yourself having achieved your goal, and use that motivation and passion to drive you to get results. Also invite and encourage others to realize their dreams as well! Share your vision with them as guiding light for those who will follow your lead.

Work hard, learn and dedicate yourself to the process, and don’t worry about the results…they will come if you stick to your action plan. But the sooner you start, the better! Take advantage of the training system and resources from your team and the company. Schedule presentations with prospects, and as soon as you finish one, schedule the next and the next. And, be empathetic when answering objections and share your story to connect with others. Share who you are, your background, the struggles you faced, how the B-Epic opportunity found you, and your vision for the future. Inspire, guide, and be honest, passionate, friendly, and empowering. Remember, we offer hope and freedom. Be an EPIC leader! We are B-EPIC!