Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders

Just one example of the amazing women on B-Epic Bermuda Team is Janice Mullings. Janice is a nurse by trade and a HUGE advocate for natural health, so it was a no brainer from the day we met, that she join the Bermuda team.  What I love about Janice, she immediately jumped in 100%, wanted me to train her in-depth on the products and thought outside the box when it came to networking & sharing about B-Epic products and her success has been the proof!

Leading these amazing women, has definitely been the bright spot of my life in this industry. For me I think the key is to support each women’s creativity, their journey and how they feel most comfortable sharing about these products. I am also 100% a believer in training and being available to each one of my reps on a daily basis. That was done for me and I believe it really is the difference in being mediocre or being a success.

I never dreamed when I took those 3 little pills 3 years ago, how they would change my life both personally and professionally. B-Epic has been such a blessing in my life. All I can say is WOW and the biggest. This business opportunity has taken me from working 3 jobs every day 3 years ago to now making a full-time income in 1/3rd of the time compared to if I worked full time anywhere else. It has allowed me and my amazing team (BIG shout out to the Putnam Family who have given all of us this amazing gift of Health & Wealth and BIG shout out to B-Epic Bermuda and my team in the USA, UK and Canada) to help approximately 2,000 people improve their life, spend time with my beautiful daughters, continue my daily journey in recovery, and smashing my goals one at a time!

Dream BIG, work hard, find your passion, believe in what you do, NEVER EVER give up, and you will B-Epic! Thank you for this opportunity! ~ Kelli-Sue Miller, Diamond Brand Partner, Area Manager & Team Leader, Bermuda