Inspirational Words from a Leader in the Field: Larisa Zhukovskaya, Diamond Brand Partner

“How often do we stop and reflect in our fleeting moments, considering how much gratitude we have for life and how we can send our thanks out into the Universe every day? After all, everything that happens to us is a gift for our potential development, and it’s our duty to make use of it. Only then can we experience the fullness of happiness.

I’m grateful to the Universe for many things, especially for leading me to B-Epic. Yes, indeed, I’m very grateful. Thanks to our innovative products, generous rewards, constant support from company leaders, the Putman family, my friend Sam Gurevich, and all my managers, I’ve earned enough for a nice apartment and, consequently, fulfilled my desire to adopt a child in 2023.

Throughout my life, I have lived by mantras of “never, never give up!” and “fight, fight, with God’s help.” Because what truly matters isn’t how many times we fall, but rather how many times we summon the strength to rise and forge ahead. For example, once I vocalized a wish to leave my job, and miraculously, it came true within 2 months. Persistence and determination along with my unwavering faith guide me towards success.

My team is from Ukraine. We are living in difficult times now. But difficulties make a person grow and think creatively. It’s the same with my team, which is constantly growing and now has many successful members. My mission for the past two decades has been to convey to everyone that our business is a business of relationships. Honesty, discipline, awareness, support, and understanding are important traits in this work. The principles of duplication are actually very simple, so they can be repeated by thousands of people in our company. Bringing light, love and great opportunities to all – it’s that simple.

Helping people change their lives – what could be higher and more beautiful. With the coming of spring, I wish you prosperity in all areas of life! ~ Larisa Zhukovskaya, Diamond Brand Partner