You had a dream last night…

You had a dream last night. You know the type of dream that we all have at least once in our lives. The type of dream that seems more real than reality. The type of dream that when you wake up from it, you can still feel the majesty of the events in it.

The fragrances of the flowers in the open field that you ran in have now impregnated the sheets of your bed. The colors of the perfect sunset have left a warm hue on your skin. You can still feel the soft summer breeze playing in your hair, as if you were still standing on the deck of the boat, surrounded by the smiling faces of your friends as you were leaving the shores of Kauai. They were all there, leaders of your organization, all too happy to take part in the celebration of your success.

Of course, you were now truly financially independent, able to save up over 90% of your after-tax income, assuring not only your lifestyle for the rest of your years, but also that of your children. And then, you looked at all your friends, and with the wisdom acquired through the recent years of your business building experience, you scrutinized the hopes manifested in their eyes, and saw how, they too, would experience what you were living. An EPIC lifestyle, you were being YOU. You had learned what it is to be you, that B U was far beyond a mere slogan. You could taste it, smell it, touch it, live it… What a life! All the seeming pain erased in what seemed like a moment. Living a healthy lifestyle with the help of the greatest products. Starting every person around you with a great compensation plan, helping people make money immediately. A training program available to all who dared take the next step.

And then the phone started ringing. You did not want to answer, you did not want to break the magic of your dream. You did not want to come back to the reality of those who would say NO to you. But you answered anyway… And you heard, “Listen, I’ve given a lot of thought to what you told me about the B-Epic business. I’m ready! Full speed ahead. I want to start now!” You let out a faint, “OK, I’m with you. Let’s get together tonight” And after hanging up, you thought, dreams really do come true… One at a time.. to those who hang on to them.

Make your dreams come true! ~ John Godzich, B-Epic International Manager