Sample the 3-Day Epic Experience Pack

We invite you to explore the benefits of our 3-Day Epic Experience (3DEE). Sharing the product packs as a sampling program is an excellent strategy for introducing new customers to our flagship product.


It includes ELEV8, a premium vitamin supplement distinguished by its all-natural ingredients that are optimally utilized by the body. This remarkable formula not only supplements your daily vitamin intake but also boosts your energy levels. It also includes ACCELER8 Sleep, which has been proven effective without any adverse side effects, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. ACCELER8 Restore is a nutritional supplement designed to enhance optimal health and weight management through gentle detoxification, gut microbiome replenishment, and nutrient-rich support for the body’s natural restoration processes.

Unlike many other products on the market, we prioritize what truly matters – the quality and efficacy of what’s inside! Experience the difference with our innovative approach to wellness. Discover the unique advantages of ELEV8 and ACCELER8 today.

By offering samples, we build trust and confidence in our products, providing distributors with a valuable touchpoint to re-engage potential clients and foster ongoing dialogue.