Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Hello everyone, I want to share with you some of the remarkable things that you as a B-Epic Worldwide member can be proud of in your company. 

Look at our compensation plan! You can start making money your first month! We have one of the most lucrative pay plans in the market. And our company has have never missed paying commissions ever! Plus, we are totally financially solvent. We do not owe anyone any money. We do not work on credit. Our rule is “Always spend a little less than you earn” and we never deviate from that. When you live by that rule, you never have to worry about going broke. That also gives bargaining power and peace of mind.

Our company was founded by a great leader. Dan Putnam knows what it takes to be successful and started this company with the goal of helping others know how to be successful. And he teaches that every day. He also has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to create top notch products, keeps up with technology, and understands multi-level marketing. What’s more he has integrity and is ethical.

Behind the scenes, you will find the rest of the Putnam family. We each have areas we oversee to ensure everything is moving in a positive forward direction. Richard, Dan’s dad watches the finances. He is very good at it. Brenda handles operations. And I am the motivator that keeps all the plates spinning. The other Putnam kids also play roles to help keep things going.  You know the saying it takes a village; well it takes a family to run a family business! Do we know it all? No! Do we make mistakes? Yes! Are we the best communicators? No! Do we love B-Epic and want to do our part to help all of us  succeed? YES!!!

Thank you for your trust. We apologize for any mistakes we make and for all the challenges in the last couple of months. Most of the issues have been totally out of our control. Our team is small but we have a lot of experience in this industry and we work hard to help you as we all build B-Epic Worldwide together. 

As we all know and can say, “Team works makes the dream work”! Together we can do great things in spite of whatever circumstances we have to deal with. Thanks to all of you! ~ Lynn Putnam, B-Epic Worldwide Co-Owner