Inspirational Message from a Leader in the Field

Three and a half years ago, I was introduced to a business opportunity in Norway and Europe, with pure plant-based products that can make a tremendous difference in people’s health and well-being. I am a trained health advisor, have studied natural medicine, have had my own health clinic for many years, and have studied the labels on the products I put in and on my body. So, I also studied the ingredients in B-EPIC’s products and quickly realized that THIS was something I could stand for and recommend, and that these products could truly make a tremendous difference in people’s lives!

Then, I was introduced to the company’s compensation plan, which is the best there is!!! Long story short, in November 2021, I decided to go “all in” and hit DIAMOND in 1 week. TEAMWORK! We have an amazing collaboration across borders – Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Gran Canaria – and our team is called Team Epic Wellness. We inspire, motivate, and support each other, whether we are upline, downline, or crossline, and we have online health groups in several languages where we share health tips and testimonials. We have weekly team zooms and celebrate each other.

I have many favorites among B-EPIC’s amazing products, such as the Epic Leader Pack with Elev8, Restore, and Sleep, which I have used every day for 3.5 years and that gives me energy from morning to evening, mental focus, and an optimally functioning stomach – resulting in a weight loss of 20 kg! And both before and after my prolapse surgery 1.5 years ago, I only used Allevi8 and Regener8 to help with the discomfort.

I love B-EPIC and am grateful and proud to represent a company that I trust 100%, with best products on the market, an amazing leadership at HQ that I´ve personally met several times at our Scandinavian events and on our incentive trip to Morocco in October 2023, and a business opportunity that can give us the life of our dreams – the life we really deserve! Thank you, B-Epic!

~ Wanja Jægersen, Diamond Brand Partner