Important News from Corporate

Please be aware of the importance of our Facebook pages. Most news is reported there. 

We really want to encourage all our partners to contact Customer Service as soon as possible with any issue so they can provide answers and help in a very timely way for you. If you don’t feel the answer is appropriate, please ask to have your next email escalated. All answers are recorded, and we will check to determine the issue and if the answer is correct or not.

Also, leaders, please take the time to teach the new partners you sign-up how to do things. We all need training for most things. You will sure retain more of your sign-ups and see new orders from them if they have been trained and know you will help them. People are easily frustrated and not very trusting right now anywhere in the world. You can BE THE ONE to train and help your people and then see the results with more orders which means more money and a happy working team.

Also, don’t forget that we have an exciting event coming up in Florida on February 15th-17th. Additional information and tickets are available in the back office. There is limited seating, so register now!