Inspirational Message from a Leader in the Field

“Hello, dear partners of our favorite company B-EPIC. On behalf of myself and my large family and team, I want to express appreciation for the Putnam family, VP Jesus Alvarez, our mentor Ron Williams, my sponsor Larisa Zhukovsky, and the entire team that works tirelessly to support us!

Huge thank you to B-Epic Worldwide for providing an opportunity that so important for the members in my country. It is a very difficult time for the people of Ukraine, and B-Epic has come to our aid thanks to its remarkable marketing plan and products.

And a special thanks to everyone on our Ukrainian team for overcoming so many obstacles to support each other during this time and for sharing the power of our products and opportunity with others via presentations, seminars, and broadcasts on social networks. Our team is very hardworking! 

To everyone, if you ever lose the desire to work hard, think about the strong people in Ukraine that are making huge gains under the sound of sirens, without lights and communication, and having lost their loved ones.”

~ With great gratitude and deep respect, Olga Yaremchuk, Blue Diamond Brand Partner.