W8 Magic Chews – Same Great Formula, New Great Flavor 

Due to the success and popularity of our fast-acting weight management candy W8 Magic™ Chew, we are launching a yummy new flavor combination! Look out for the new packaging filled with delicious salted caramel and vanilla crème flavors.

B-Epic W8 Magic™ Chews are a multifunctional healthy weight management candy that is formulated to be a natural, safe, and effective appetite suppressant and fat burner. It works naturally in the body by helping quickly curb cravings and increase thermogenesis (fat burning). W8 Magic™ Chews are made with clinically proven ingredients found to naturally support healthy weight management, including a patented African Mango extract, Ciccus, L-Carnitine, and GBB (Gamma-Butyrobetaine).

W8 Magic Chews are a yummy way to enhance your weight management efforts! Order today! Available in select markets.