Make it a December to Remember

Hello everyone, I know for most of us this is a busy month often accompanied with a lot of stress and worries. But what if we set a new goal to make it a DECEMBER TO REMEMBER! The thought of that might be hard or overwhelming, but I encourage you to think back on Christmases past and ponder what was (and is) important to you?

What can each of us do to make a change for the better? There is so much unrest in the world today with wars and demonstrations and even disrespect for life. But each of us has a circle of influence we can impact in a positive way. We can strive to be more patient, kind, helpful, understanding, and accepting. Those qualities are of inherent value to everyone. And we can all use more of those qualities in our lives.

For this month, let’s all try to SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND THEN TO BE UNDERSTOOD. Who can we share with? Who can we bring cheer to? Who can we serve?

How will you make this a Christmas that stands out? A December to remember! I hope your soul is filled with the beautiful oft this holiday season! Best wishes to everyone! ~ Lynn Putnam, Owner