Kazakhstan Event Highlights

One of the best events in Eurasia with the participation of the owner of the company B-EPIC Dan Putnam and Vice President Jesus Alvarez was held in the most beautiful and sunny city of Kazakhstan Almaty on October 14th. Even when we found out that the leadership was delayed, the team of Leaders of Eurasia proved once again that they were not afraid of difficulties and held the event at a very high emotional and energy level!  

Everything went in one breath! Recognition of Diamonds, Top Leaders who stood at the origins of the company’s beginnings, created huge turnover, their amazing stories instilled great confidence in partners. A huge number of impressions from this meeting were received, positive, inspiring, moving to new goals, new heights, new levels of achievements, both in terms of health and in terms of further business development, as well as the search and development of creative ideas! And today, the result of this event was a huge influx of new partners and the return of Leaders. 

Many thanks to the management of the company: Lynn Putnam, Dan Putnam, Jesus Alvarez and our Mentor Sam Gurevich for their help in organizing and conducting this event. B-EPIC – TOGETHER! B-EPIC – FOREVER! 

~ Galiya Sergazina, Double Blue Diamond Brand Partner