B-Eco Fuel Tabs are now available in Nigeria

We are happy to report that we finally have the NAFDAC registration for B-Eco Fuel Tabs for Nigeria. It was a long, complicated process that took more than a year to achieve! And this now means we can advertise the B-Eco Fuel Tabs in Nigeria.

B-ECO Fuel Tabs can help you save money at the gas pump (plus help the environment) by helping improve the fuel consumption of your vehicle. Used by commercial fleets for years, this state-of-the-art Fuel Maximizer technology is now available to the public. B-ECO Fuel Tabs are an amazing fuel saver and engine cleaner. It has been shown to improve fuel consumption by up to 15%.

To increase fuel savings, improve vehicle performance, and lower maintenance costs, use B-ECO Fuel Tabs every time you fill up your vehicle. Simply insert one fuel maximizer tablet into your vehicle’s fuel tank prior to fueling. Each tablet treats 15-20 gallons (57-76 liters) of gas or diesel fuel. It is safe to use for gasoline and diesel engines with any grade of fuel.

Order B-Eco Fuel Tabs now at bepic.com.