Who Controls Your Actions or Reactions?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? It is so easy to place blame on anybody and everybody for your failures or negative happenings in your life. Some things are just a natural part of life here on earth. There are some things that can make you wonder if you have a target on your back and just how so many bad or negative things happen to you all the time. I think we can all feel that way from time to time.

What is interesting is the different actions people take and just how they react to their circumstances. Some people seem gifted at making “lemonade out of lemons” while others view most of their circumstances as sour lemons. 

I always hope I can learn from what happens to me. Can this make me stronger or more aware of my surroundings? Sometimes I have to ask, “Did I bring this on myself due to my actions? Am I paying the natural negative consequences of my actions? What are my reactions? Do I react in anger or with an attitude that I will get even? Can I say I am sorry? Can I just step right in and try to correct things or make my circumstances better? Do I just blame it on others and expect others to fix it for me?”

When you give the power to another in the form of blame, do you realize you now have given up the power to change or correct the situation or circumstance? So, instead of “why me?”, do you ever think, “why NOT me”? I find if I take control of my actions and how I choose to react to my circumstances, I can change what I need to change and more easily accept what I can’t change.

The more we reach out to help others and make their life better, the better our own circumstances become and the less many things that have bothered us matter. Let’s all work to own our own actions and choose to react in a positive helpful style. We all can choose to take control of our own life and isn’t that what MLM is all about?

Best of luck to all of you! ~ Lynn Putnam, B-EPIC Co-Founder & Executive Vice President