Get your money working for you through retention

Almost every time Dan presents to B-Epic group, he talks about the value and importance of “retention.”  The definition of retention – as it applies to a B-Epic Worldwide distributor – is: (1) the act of retaining (that’s kind of a no brainer!); and (2) holding onto or keeping possession of something (such as a customer or distributor on your team).

Sometimes in network marketing, people think they just need to talk to as many people as they can, get them to sign up and make a purchase, then quickly move on to the next person without investing in the people they’ve already signed up. In this case, all their energy goes into constantly looking for ways to sign up more people.

 For sure, signing up people is one of the steps to building a profitable business in any MLM company. But that should never be your total investment and whole life. (Afterall, you still want time to be with your family, enjoy your hobbies, and get sleep.) 

What if there was a way you could earn money while you are doing other things? That’s called RESIDUAL INCOME. And you achieve it through RETENTION! There are lots of ways you can boost the retention of your team. For example, hold meetings, do calls, offer help and support, give praise, say thank you, teach and train, help others stay motivated, use samples, etc.  

Retention is one of the most exciting ways to put your money to work for you. Think about it, imagine it, now just do it. It really works! YOU CAN DO IT. ~ Lynn Putnam, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President