Thank You South Africa!

Please join us in thanking our outgoing South Africa country manager Clare Van Eden for her many years of great service. We want to express gratitude for her and all she has done for B-Epic and the members. She has been a cherished member of our team. We will miss her greatly and wish her well in all her future endeavors.

We also want to express our appreciation for all our partners in South Africa past and present. It is due to their caring effort that so many lives in that area of the world have been changed by B-Epic’s great products and compensation program. We look forward to a long a prosperous partnership with all of you in South Africa and other parts of Africa as we continue to grow on that continent.

One thing that can be said is that the people of South Africa are resilient, and as we have seen at B-Epic, the nation is full of strong people who work incredibly hard. Many South Africans are turning the tide against unemployment and poverty and have found ways to empower themselves by starting their own businesses (side hustles) to not only benefit themselves but to help others grow. We would like to acknowledge all that the B-Epic members have done to grow the business there, and we want you ALL to know that your hard work and loyalty does not go un-noticed. Thank you for your strong sense of community and family values. The rest of the world could surely learn from you!

Thank you Clare Van Eden and all our South African partners!