Do We Need To Reinvent The Wheel?

As many of you are aware, we just held an amazing event for 50 winners and their guests in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was a super event in a most beautiful place. As I listened to Dan and our keynote speaker Stanecia Graham, I thought to myself, “how often we think we need to recreate the wheel.”

It seems all-too-often, we all think we need to come up with a bigger, better, new way of doing things. But while we’re figuring that out, we’re not actually working or building our business. Instead, we’re letting our excitement and desire just waste away or get diluted while we spend our time thinking about “the new wheel” we’re going to create someday.

Instead, let’s all commit to work on what we already know works! (And let’s determine it is okay to do those things even if we are scared or out of comfort zone.) So, I encourage you to focus on the two “wheel” we know lead to the most success in this industry: RETENTION & DUPLICATION. And the first step is to DO IT NOW. Your excitement, determination, and bank account will grow.

Who knows, by just doing what you know already works and doing it consistently, you may earn enough money for those real new wheels!

It is a good day to create a good day! Best to all, ~ Lynn Putnam, B-EPIC Co-Founder & Executive Vice President