Leader Spotlight February 2020

For our February B-Epic Leader Spotlight, we are excited to recognize business partners Ricky Villanueva and Demitrius Siruno.

Let’s meet Ricky…

One of the humblest people you will ever meet, Ricky is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in business start-ups and consulting. Today he is considered a thought leader in direct sales, marketing, and brand awareness. 

Since joining B-Epic, he has helped thousands of people discover a way to a more Epic Life!  He chose B-Epic because he feels “it is redefining hope and freedom in our industry”.  His favorite product is GR8 KIDS; “I love watching how excited my kids are to take it every morning.”

When he was young, Ricky’s family immigrated to the U.S. from Peru. He watched his parents blossom through hard work and ongoing education. After high school, Ricky was introduced to the direct sales business model and – through many trials – learned to apply high-performance habits that have since enabled him to expand his business into many global markets. 

“I’ve been broke. I’ve failed many times. I’ve endured a lot of rejection. What I have found is that many people knock on the door of success only one time and hope that somebody lets them in. It’s those who keep knocking and knocking and knocking with a never-give-up mentality that go on to achieve the dreams in life we all fantasize about.”

His tips for success are, “Say less to a lot more.  Keep it simple.  Move fast.  And always do the right thing; you can’t buy integrity, and not having it will cost you a fortune.”

We are fortunate to have great people like Ricky on the B-Epic team! 

Let’s meet Demitrius…

One of Demitrius’ greatest strengths is his commitment to his team. “What motivates me is seeing people win!  Being able to make a difference in people’s lives. Being a spark that ignites belief in a person that they can become more.” 

When Demitrius got started in network marketing in 2003, he had already been very successful in traditional business, so he says he wasn’t very coachable at first. “I thought I could do things my own way instead of following the system that had been proven to work by so many before me. After a slow start, I finally humbled myself; and when I started following the system, my success skyrocketed!”

His advice to others is, “Just do it! Go all in! Have fun! And be okay with being bad at it before you get good.”

Nearly two decades later, he feels this is the “greatest profession on the planet.” “I love the freedom this industry provides. My wife and I have four amazing children, and network marketing has allowed us to spend more time with them than most parents we know. It’s also allowed us to take trips when we want and not have to ask for time-off.”

One of the things Demitrius loves about B-Epic is our low cost of entry. “Too many people are already struggling, and too many companies are trying to sell them big starter packs from $500-$1500! That’s just crazy to me!  I love that people can get started for free in B-Epic and start making life-changing incomes right away!”

What an inspiration! We are so blessed to have Demitrius as part of our B-Epic family!

Leader Spotlight December 2019

B-Epic is honored to recognize and spotlight from Ivan Vovk from Russia.

By profession Ivan is an engineer and had worked all his life in a factory.  But because the pay was not enough, he ended up with a lot of debt from loans.  So, back in 2016 he began looking for opportunities to make money on the Internet…and found it through B-Epic!

Today Ivan is very happy with the success he has experienced with his B-Epic business.  “It has changed my life dramatically!”  He has been able to quit his job and now travels the world staying in the best hotels.  Plus, he has bought real estate, a new BMW for himself, and a new Lexus as a gift for his wife.  “I want all people who are now looking for opportunities to radically change their lives to know that…a simple factory worker was able to change his life in just a year.”

Through his B-Epic experience and ongoing personal development, Ivan says, “Now I know how and can teach others to achieve this for themselves 100%…Find freedom, open your own business, travel the world, and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly!  We have all the possibilities and tools for this.  You only need to make a decision and take the first step.”

Congratulations to Ivan on his wonderful success!  B-Epic is fortunate to have you as an inspirational leader in our company!

Leader Spotlight November 2019

B-Epic is honored to recognize and spotlight Adan Lázaro Pascual from Peru. 

Adan has been with B-Epic since the very beginning and continues to be a valued, respected leader in the field.  Known for his caring nature, he is driven to help others incorporate real, positive change in their lives.  

Adan got into network marketing “to help others in health and money,” and with B-Epic he found exactly what he was looking for.  He joined because he liked that the flagship product (ELEV8) was a single capsule that provided what people were needing and wanting.  Plus, he appreciated that B-Epic’s compensation plan was so favorable for distributors (versus other companies’ plans that favor the corporate side more). 

Today Adan enjoys travelling and working with his large and growing B-Epic team and customer base across South America and beyond. 

Out of concern for the welfare of others, he is on a mission to share the opportunity to have great health-promoting products as well as a simple, effective way to earn additional income.  Adan truly lives by the principle, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.” 

Adan, thank you for being a part of B-Epic since day 1.  We look forward to seeing your continued success for years to come!  

Leader Spotlight October 2019

Thank you for being you!  B-Epic has some truly amazing leaders in the field.  So, we want to recognize some of them through our new B-Epic Leadership Spotlight.

For our first spotlight, we are excited to recognize Andrei Shauro (Андрей Шауро!) from Angarsk, Russia.

Everyone who meets Andrei, instantly knows what a truly remarkable person he is.  He is filled with life, passion, and positive energy!  He says he finds inspiration in the quote, “How you think! That’s how you act! How you act! That’s how you live!” 

Andrei started in the network marketing industry 13 years ago as a way to help others after being inspired at a personal development training he attended.  Then, when B-Epic first started developing its business back in 2016, Andrei stepped up to be the first to help the Russian-speaking population around the world.

To this day, Andrei continues to be a dynamic leader in the field and a true champion for the B-Epic business, brand, and products.  “I like our product! It’s magical! The business plan is considered one of the best in the world!”

Driven by his life’s mission is to help people, Andrei lives each day by his motto, “Live! Rejoice! Enjoy Everything! Success Together (УспехВместе)!”  And in true Andrei spirit, to him “success together” means reaching new heights together as a team!

We are very fortunate to have Andrei on our team!  Thank you for all you do.  And thank you for being you!