Thank you for being you!  B-Epic has some truly amazing leaders in the field.  So, we want to recognize some of them through our new B-Epic Leadership Spotlight.

For our first spotlight, we are excited to recognize Andrei Shauro (Андрей Шауро!) from Angarsk, Russia.

Everyone who meets Andrei, instantly knows what a truly remarkable person he is.  He is filled with life, passion, and positive energy!  He says he finds inspiration in the quote, “How you think! That’s how you act! How you act! That’s how you live!” 

Andrei started in the network marketing industry 13 years ago as a way to help others after being inspired at a personal development training he attended.  Then, when B-Epic first started developing its business back in 2016, Andrei stepped up to be the first to help the Russian-speaking population around the world.

To this day, Andrei continues to be a dynamic leader in the field and a true champion for the B-Epic business, brand, and products.  “I like our product! It’s magical! The business plan is considered one of the best in the world!”

Driven by his life’s mission is to help people, Andrei lives each day by his motto, “Live! Rejoice! Enjoy Everything! Success Together (УспехВместе)!”  And in true Andrei spirit, to him “success together” means reaching new heights together as a team!

We are very fortunate to have Andrei on our team!  Thank you for all you do.  And thank you for being you!