B-Epic is honored to recognize and spotlight from Ivan Vovk from Russia.

By profession Ivan is an engineer and had worked all his life in a factory.  But because the pay was not enough, he ended up with a lot of debt from loans.  So, back in 2016 he began looking for opportunities to make money on the Internet…and found it through B-Epic!

Today Ivan is very happy with the success he has experienced with his B-Epic business.  “It has changed my life dramatically!”  He has been able to quit his job and now travels the world staying in the best hotels.  Plus, he has bought real estate, a new BMW for himself, and a new Lexus as a gift for his wife.  “I want all people who are now looking for opportunities to radically change their lives to know that…a simple factory worker was able to change his life in just a year.”

Through his B-Epic experience and ongoing personal development, Ivan says, “Now I know how and can teach others to achieve this for themselves 100%…Find freedom, open your own business, travel the world, and earn hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly!  We have all the possibilities and tools for this.  You only need to make a decision and take the first step.”

Congratulations to Ivan on his wonderful success!  B-Epic is fortunate to have you as an inspirational leader in our company!