B-Epic 2020 Theme “Rise (UP) From Obscurity” 

This year’s theme for B-Epic is “Rise (UP) From Obscurity”.

No matter what your circumstance in life – your social economic background, education, gender, race, country of origin – it does not matter. You can succeed in B-Epic, if you set goals and consistently put forth an effort. Our mission is to help people everywhere rise up and realize their full economic and human potential.

We invite you to reach out to others and share our message of hope, prosperity, and opportunity to live an Epic Life!

Kauri Thompson
President B-Epic


Online Rank Recognition

On March 1st, B-Epic will begin recognizing our Gold, Platinum, and Diamond lifetime rank qualifiers in our Member Recognition section.  Please note that moving forward, the rank recognition on that web-page will be updated about mid month for the previous month’s ranking results.   

Then, beginning April 1st, we will also start recognizing “Select” status ranking members on that web-page.  These are Brand Partners who achieve then maintain the rank of Gold, Platinum, or Diamond for three consecutive months.  For example, to earn the “Select” status, a member would qualify for the rank of Gold (or higher) in one month (e.g., January), then maintain that rank level (or higher) in the next two months (e.g., February and March).  Please note, to achieve a rank level any given month, the member must qualify for that rank (or higher) for at least one week during the four-week (month) qualifying period.


Weekly Corporate Webinar

Live B-Epic Business Overview Presentation (English)

DATE: Presented live every Monday (except USA holidays and unless otherwise posted). 

TIME (updated): 6:30pm PST / 7:30pm MST / 8:30pm CST / 9:30pm EST

> Or click here to see the corresponding local time for your time zone.

LOCATION: Join online or by phone (Zoom Meeting ID: 704 204 185)

Option #1: Join online at https://zoom.us/j/704204185

Option #2: Dial-in using a local number for your location.

USA West Coast: +1 669 900 6833
USA East Coast: +1 929 205 6099
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Option #3: One-Tap Mobile: Enter the local dial-in number followed by: ,,704204185#