Soft Launch in the Philippines

During his recent visit to the Philippines for a summer event, VP of Sales Jesus Alvarez was greeted by leaders Dharen Kim, Marlon Domantay and Kristel Brillones. At the event, more than a hundred participants attended the soft-launch of B-Epic’s amazing business opportunities and products. Attendees consisted of medical practitioners, investors, and businesspeople from all around the region.

Great things are happening thanks to the fantastic team in the Philippines!

Please Confirm Your Contact Information

Please double-check your online B-Epic account to ensure that you have correct, complete contact information listed for your account profile and shipping profile.  In addition to a complete billing address and shipping address, every member needs a valid email address and phone number listed in their account. This information is required for us to ship your order to you. 

Also, please be aware that if your street address has over 23 characters, you will need to use the second line in the Address field to enter the rest of the information for your complete street address. Each field only allows for 23 characters, so anything more than that will not record.

Please take a moment to double-check that you have correct, complete contact information listed for your account.

The Only Constant Thing Is Change

The only constant thing is change. We say that saying so often and laugh, but it is certainly a reality for all of us in the world today. Even for us at the corporate home office, we now seem to be experiencing change on a regular basis. It is the “new normal”, I suppose. And even though change may seem uncomfortable and even confusing at times, it often turns out to be a real benefit to most of us.  

We are excited about the changes we have already talked about on our corporate live calls.  Very soon you will begin to see some things actually begin to be a little different.  Change can bring new growth and new opportunities to reach higher goals!  Our goal has always been to provide all our Brand Partners with a powerful platform to earn extra income by offering the most impactful products (for example, our fuel tabs that give you a cleaner engine and more fuel efficiency). We also have one of the best – if not THE BEST – compensation plans in the industry.  

Yes, there is constant change and with that comes some hiccups and other changes. Just know we will always do our best to overcome any challenge caused by change. You are all important to us! I was excited to realize we have paid out over 180 million dollars in commissions!! That tells me we must be doing some things right! 

Everybody let’s commit to “Keep on to keep’n on” and we will reach even higher achievements!

Regarding Recent Change to Terms and Conditions

We want to apologize for any concern or confusion due to the recent update to the B-Epic Brand Partner Code of Ethics. Our intention was to ensure that our terms and conditions were up-to-date and responsive to the needs of our members and company worldwide.

However, a clause about belonging to multiple companies was added that was then quickly removed after we received some thoughtful feedback from our valued members. We apologize for putting something in our terms and conditions that may have caused concern for any of you. In today’s world, being part of a network marketing or direct sales company is a great way to make money and have a work life that fits your needs. And the last thing we would ever want is for someone to not have that opportunity. We are so proud of our products and compensation plan that allows anyone to build a great business. 

So, we would like to invite all of you to read the current B-Epic Brand Partner Code of Ethics on the website. And we want to extend our deep gratitude to all our Brand Partners who have supported us, advised us, and allowed us to build a better company. 

Check out the B-Epic Brand Partner Code of Ethics at

Highlights of Paris Event

Earlier this month, B-Epic Worldwide held an exciting event in Paris, France. The event took place at the Hotel Novotel Paris Centre Tour Eiffel located in the heart of Paris – near the Seine River, Eiffel Tower, and Notre-Dame.

We want to thank everyone involved in putting on the event. It was an incredible experience for all in attendance. In addition to corporate members Dan Putnam, JC Martinez, and Jesus Alvarez, other presenters included Europe Manager Leatitia Ghin, Black Diamond Kevin O’Connor, Double Blue Diamond Jenny Ericsson, Blue Diamond Xavier Barbay, and Diamond Ingrid Valgorez. Thank you for sharing your passion and knowledge with us! 

Thank you to everyone in Paris!  And we look forward to seeing you at the next B-Epic Worldwide event!