September 2021 Marketing Moment

This month’s Marketing Moment comes from Joanna Bacon – B-Epic Brand Partner, seasoned networker, author, and team leader in the United Kingdom:

One of my biggest ethos when building my business is never to look at finding new customers, as making more money. And to never look at finding new team members, as creating more for yourself. I look outwardly and think ‘Who needs my help?’ When you serve from a place of wanting to help others, that is the energy in which they receive your message.

Always look at recommending our products as helping somebody with their health, sleep, mental well-being, or weight management. And equally, always look at recommending the business as how you can help somebody else to earn an extra income to support themselves and their family.

If you lead with your heart, your pockets will take care of themselves.

Shoutout to Rodrigo Murga at the Home Office

We want to give a special shoutout to Rodrigo Murga.  He is one of the most important people working behind the scenes at the home office to ensure that B-Epic is running smoothly.  As our Warehouse Manager, not only does he work hard to keep everything in the warehouses organized and on track, but he also helps maintain the rest of the corporate buildings, so they are all in tip top shape.

Rodrigo has a wonderful can-do attitude and is our #1 go-to whenever anyone needs anything. He is gentle, kind, and very respectful to others.  It is no surprise he is absolutely loved by all who meet him. We wish to send a big thank you to this giant of a man that makes life better for everyone in our office. When he is not working, he can be found enjoying and taking care of his family.  

The world needs more Rodrigos everywhere. He is truly an invaluable asset to our company!

Highlights of Recent International Events in Latin America

B-Epic recently held two International Regional Events in Latin America…one in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and another in Bogota, Colombia. Both events had a great turnout with Brand Partners and interested prospects coming from all over the area to participate. The energy in the packed rooms was fantastic!

All the attendees got to take advantage of exclusive training from visionary, founder, and CEO, Dan Putnam as well as hear from top industry leaders. They also got an introduction to B-Epic’s new bmvmt system. Everyone felt so supported and highly motivated! 

Thanks to everyone involved for your tremendous support with these valuable events.

Building a Strong Company

B-Epic Worldwide LLC is committed to being a robust company today and for years to come. Our corporate team has worked diligently to put into place the resources, structure, and assets needed to support and sustain the exceptional growth B-Epic has been experiencing. Moreover, our corporation operates on strong values of fiscal responsibility and sound business management practice. As such, B-Epic Worldwide LLC is financially stable and completely debt free. We own our corporate properties, including the main corporate office in Utah, company event center, and three warehouses. In addition, we maintain a thorough inventory system and have in stock products ready to fulfill all orders. 

B-Epic is built on a strong foundation for our members!